All rare fish locations in Harvestella, and how to catch them

Those fishies can be a bit slippery.

Image via Square Enix

Harvestella is unlike most other Square Enix games that we’re used to. It mixes elements of a farming sim and RPG combat, letting players enjoy both genres while developing their land and meeting new allies to help them on their journeys. Just like in other farming sims, there’s also some fishing that has to be done. In Harvestella, fishing can net you some nice rewards, and the joy of filling out the Encyclopedia is certainly one of them. To do that, you’ll need to fish out all of the rare fish as well. Below, we will tell you all the fishing locations for rare fish in Harvestella and how to catch them.

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How to catch rare fish in Harvestella

To even begin fishing in Harvestella, you’ll first need to obtain Fishing Knowledge from Lethe’s general store for the price of 800 Grilla. This will open up fishing spots on your map, but more importantly, this will give access to the Water Biome on your farm. After completing tasks for the Great Water Faerie, your Water Biome will reach level 2.

You should go there a investigate the water pond, where you’ll get to meet Sahagin, a talking fish. Sahagin will tell you about rare fish and give you cryptic advice on how to catch them, after upgrading your Fishing skill to level 2. With that, you’ll be ready to catch some rare fish.

Image via Square Enix

All rare fish in Harvestella and how to catch them


The Aurelian can only be caught during rainy weather, at any time of the day. The locations to fish for him are Lethe and the Jade Forest.

Cardinal Goldfish

The Cardinal Goldfish can only be caught during Quietus, Harvestella’s version of the dead of winter. The location to catch him is the Old Well on the farm, at the Karenoid dungeon entrance.

Giant Salamander

The Giant Salamander can be caught during the Autumn season, in the waters of the Lethe Village.

Ice Faerie

The Ice Faerie can only be caught during the Winter season (doesn’t have to be Quietus) at the Snow Hut Square in Argene.

Jejune Trout

The Jejune Trout can only be caught one day after it rains at the Higan Canyon dungeon while fishing from an arch to the left of Ill Cypress Crossing (before the boss area with the Asleep Razorbill).


The Monotaimen can be fished during any weather in both Autumn and Summer seasons. The location to catch it is the familiar area of your own fishing pool in Bird’s Eye Brae.

Rainbow Harp

The Rainbow Harp can be caught during any season and weather within the Panthalassa Junction dungeon.

Siren’s Servant

The Siren’s Servant fish can only be caught during rainy weather in the seaside town of Shatolla.

Twilight Cherry Salmon

The Twilight Cherry Salmon can only be caught at night during the Autumn season. The location to catch this fish is the town of Nemea.