All Renewal of Vows answers in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Roleplaying as the world’s strangest postman.

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As players wind through the fractured lands of Dragon Isles within World of Warcraft: Dragonlands, they’re going to come across the Clans of the Plains centered on the region of Ohn’ahran Plains. These clans of Centaurs tend to ascribe to more archaic practices, and will task the players both mentally and physically. As the Clan arc concludes, players are brought to one final test, to select the proper gifts from each of the three clans to rekindle the bond with the green dragonflight. Here are the right answers for this critical task, called the Renewal of Vows.

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The Renewal of Vows recitation

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A recitation is presented to the clans looking to renew their vows, and these answers echo actions taken during the long convoy towards Maruukai.

From the hunters who value skill above all, a rite of passage: a first.
From the mystics who commune with the wind, her lightest touch: a lift.
From the descendants of the matriarch, a drop of unbroken progeny: a line.

Correct offerings for Renewal of Vows

For each answer, you’ll need to take the object from the NPC, then bring it to Merithra before moving to the next clan leader.

  • Sansok Khan’s offering
    • Suggest a trophy from her first hunt.
  • Tigari Khan’s offering
    • Suggest she offer an eagle feather.
  • Khanam Matra Sarest offering
    • Suggest she offer blood.

Once the third item has been given to Merithra, she will then offer an item to be given to Khanam Matra Sarest, and a cutscene will play. This closes the Ohn’ahran Plains arc for the time being, and introduces players to the Azure Span as well as the next dungeon for Dragonflight. Players will need to journey far southeast towards Masud the Wise to continue the main quest.