All resources and how to get them in Loop Hero

These resources are critical to building your base, and supplying your hero.

Image via Devolver Digital

Becoming good at Loop Hero is recognizing what stats your character class needs as you progress through your Loop. It’s also useful to realize when it’s a good time to return to camp with the resources you’ve earned on your run, and not to become too greedy. When you’re greedy, it’s much easier to lose a chunk of your progress, and it takes longer to go further in the game. You want to gather as many resources as possible to use at your camp to purchase new buildings, and upgrade your existing ones to give you further benefits. There are several resources in Loop Hero, and many of them come to you in specific ways.

Book of Memories

The Book of Memories resource comes from memory fragments. These can appear after you receive a full hand, and you have to discard a card. They also appear after defeating enemies. Memory fragments also appear when you walk over the cemetery once you receive the cemetery upgrade at your base.

Food supply

The Food supply resource comes from rations. You primarily receive rations from fighting on battlefields and defeating some enemies. They also appear when completing treasury cards.


The Metamorphosis resource comes from noticeable change resources. You receive those randomly whenever you place down a tile on your loop. The best way to acquire them is by filling the treasure up, and surrounding it by eight tiles.

Orb of Afterlife

The Orb of Afterlife comes from the pitiful remains resource. You can receive these by defeating the Undead and Vampire enemy types that you encounter in your loop.

Orb of Astral

The Orb of Astral is a resource that randomly drops when you beat any of the bosses. You can also earn fragments for this resource by defeating the Cosmic and Mage enemy types.

Orb of Crafts

The Orb of Crafts comes from craft fragments, which drop off enemies listed as Artificial and Object enemies. You can make these enemies spawn from various special tiles on your run. These are the chest, scarecrow, gargoyle, or slime. There are not as many as you’d expect to find in Loop Hero.

Orb of Evolution

You can obtain the Orb of Evolution by defeating enemies listed as Living or Plant enemies that drop living fabric. These enemies spawn all over your Loop Hero run. These enemies include the ratwolf, spider, the mimic, bandits, harpy, goblins, and many more.

Orb of Expansion

The Orb of Expansion drops when you find more than four enemies at a time. You can cause this to happen by stacking multiple tiles adjacent to each other, such as the village next to the vampire mansion or swamps next to groves. There are several combinations you can do to gather four enemies to fight you at once.

Orb of Immortality

The Orb of Immortality drops from bosses. If you ever need to acquire this item, go through the current chapter to defeat the final adversary or repeat a chapter to take on an easier boss to farm this resource.

Orb of Unity

The Orb of Unity comes from eliminating Liquid and Swarm enemies that drop shapeless mass. You can hover over an enemy when battling them to see if they have these traits attached to them. Slimes, blood clots, and dark slimes will drop this resource.

Preserved Rock

The Preserved Rock resource comes placing down specific cards, and enemies can potentially drop them. You can also obtain it by placing down Mountain and Rock cards on your map, or by surrounding a treasury card.

Stable Metal

Stable metal comes from scrap metal, which enemies can potentially drop. The easiest way to gain this resource is to have your inventory fill up, and anything that your character drops becomes scrap metal. You can also earn it by dropping the treasury card and surrounding it with other tiles. Once filled, the treasury drops a massive amount of random resources.

Stable Wood

Stable wood is an easier resource to acquire in Loop Hero that comes from branches, and plenty of enemies can drop this. You can acquire it by dropped forest and grove cards. Whenever you walk through the grove card on your loop, you’ll receive a branch. These are also available from the treasury card.