All riddle answers for the Domain of Vabbi Masteries in Guild Wars 2

A riddle to pass.

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The Domain of Vabbi map in Guild Wars 2 has many different Mastery Insight Points. To complete them all, players need to engage in combat, explore, and answer riddles. While the first two may be easier to complete than that you’d expect, the riddles can often be annoying if you’re in a rush or having a bad brain day. Your character will also start to take damage as you engage in the riddles, which can be annoying if you’re trying to focus. As such, we’ve listed the questions and their answers for you:

Yitfei the Light

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It has many tongues though it cannot taste; it can always be fed and never gain weight. What is it?

  • A fire.

The greater amount you have of me, the less of others you will see. What am I?

  • Darkness.

Regal in color, though born of the earth; when crushed and aged, I can be of great worth. What am I?

  • Grapes.

Some wish to be rid of me; for me others greatly yearn. All have me, but once I’m lost, I’m never to return. What am I?

  • Youth.

Zomi the Accomplished

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When I go, I might reveal a gift; when I return, I can provide a lift. What am I?

  • The tide.

Unseen and silent, I arrive in the night; friendly or frightening, I flee at first light. What am I?

  • A dream.

To paupers and kings, I give just the same measure. I’m spent as I’m given; they can’t horde this treasure. What am I?

  • Time.

What I reveal is your choice, but you’ll find that, after reflection, I’m not always kind. What am I?

  • A mirror.

Kaadsseo the Wise

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Despite my age, my spine is unbending; if you adore me, you’ll long for my ending. What am I?

  • A book.

I’m often claimed as the purview of the learned and old; from babes’ mouths, at times, I’ve been known to be told. What am I?

  • Wisdom.

I’m often left behind, even though I’m honored and revered. Some who find me preserve me, others smash me in fear. What am I?

  • Monuments.

Some delight in its whisper, while others fear its howl; it’s vital to the way of life of admirals and owls.

  • The wind.

Juaruadun the Flawless

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I’m frequently made even though I’m unsought; I provide education that oft can’t be taught. What am I?

  • A mistake.

I’ve skipped on lakes with tranquil shores; I’ve been carved or hurled in countless wars. What am I?

  • A rock.

I’m exchanged by children, and at pubs over tankards of ale. But bring me to a courtroom, and you’ll be condemned to jail. What am I?

  • A lie.

Though the worthy pursue me, I can only be sought. The best don’t stop trying, but I cannot be caught. What am I?

  • Perfection.