All Romance Options in Witchy Life Story

Indie cozy game Witchy Life Story has a few different romance options, and we’ve got the details so you can make your choice.

Witchy Life Story

Screenshot via Gamepur

Witchy Life Story is a cute, story-centered cozy game where you play a young magical person in training. Like any good cozy village game, Witchy Life Story offers plenty of interaction with the locals, including romance.

In this cozy game from Sundew Studios, you play a spirited young witch who’s been sent to help a town host its annual festival as part of their training. Along the way, you get to know plenty of the humans who live there, and it just so happens that a few of them are around your age, single, and ready to mingle.

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How Does Romance Work in Witchy Life Story

Flirty Box Witchy Life Story
Image via Sundew Studios

It’s pretty easy to tell which interactions will lead you down a flirtatious road with the village’s romanceable characters in Witchy Life Story. Flirty dialogue options will be outlined in pink as opposed to the standard yellow, friendly dialogue box. If you choose the romantic dialogue options often enough, you’ll wind up getting to go on a date to the festival with your chosen partner.

As the player character, you can set your pronouns as you like during character creation, and you’ll still have the option to date any of these characters regadless of your selected pronouns or theirs.

You can flirt with as many characters as you like, but since the main romantic event is this one date, you’ll only be able to take one NPC to the festival in any given playthrough. So, it’s helpful to know your options before you make a move.

If romance isn’t your jam, you can also go on a platonic best friend date with any of these characters at the end of the game. But since you’re reading an article about Witchy Life Story romances, let’s go ahead and assume you want the details on who to take on the big date.

Witchy Life Story Romance: Devin

Devin Witchy Life Story
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Devin is a shy, awkward young musician who’s been tasked with writing a song for the festival, and they are stressed about it. They’ll ask you to help them get over their strage fright and creative block, and you can approach this by being a great friend or by throwing a few spicier comments their way.

Taking Devin to the festival is a great option if you’re looking for a sweet romance with a sensitive, artistic soul who needs a little coaxing to gain confidence.

Witchy Life Story Romance: Jonas

Jonas Witchy Life Story
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Jonas is what you might call the “golden retriever boyfriend” option, in that he’s a nice, simple guy who likes to build stuff. He has a sensitive side and is relatively in touch with his feelings, but at the end of the day he’s a big old bro who wants to do his best building the site for the festival.

If you like a goofy guy who’ll take down a whole bowl of ice cream with you on your date, Jonas is a great pick.

Witchy Life Story Romance: Niesha

Niesha Witchy Life Story
Screenshot via Gamepur

Niesha is a slighly mysterious artist with a secret, and she also happens to be the granddaughter of the town’s mayor. Unlike her best friend Devin, Niesha is pretty confident in her abilities and she’s also willing to call the main character (you) out on your loose relationship with the truth.

If you’re looking for a confident partner who won’t put up with your nonsense, Niesha would make an excellent pick for your festival date.

These three characters are your options when it comes to romance (or best friendship) in the world of Witchy Life Story. The main storyline is about four to five hours to play through, so you could pretty easily take all three on a date by playing a few times if you really can’t choose.