Coral Island – All Romance Candidates

This guide covers all 28 romanceable characters you can date in Coral Island.

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Like most farm sim games, Coral Island features a romance system that lets you woo some characters from its roster. Unlike most other games in this genre, however, Coral Island doesn’t just doodle five romanceable options and call it a day. In fact, the devs have gone as far as to include 28 romanceable characters, most of whom are human.

How Does Romance Work in Coral Island

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This game offers an optional mechanic that lets players embark on heartwarming relationships with 28 eligible NPCs. The path to romance begins with building a strong bond as good friends. Express your affection with thoughtful gifts, and watch as your connection deepens and love blossoms in this delightful gaming experience.

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Embracing inclusivity, Coral Island welcomes players to pursue love with any character, regardless of gender, and includes a number of non-binary characters as well, making it LGBTQAI+ friendly.

All 28 Romanceable Characters in Coral Island

AppearanceCharacter Description 
Aaliyah A dynamic and industrious ex-military pilot with a love for the outdoors who works diligently at Fishenships. 
Alice A calm, introverted inn worker who values solitude, reading, and spending time with close friends in town. Doesn’t like pizza. 
Ben A laid-back, spiritual individual with a strong belief in positive thinking and the significance of dreams. 
Charles A compassionate and dedicated town doctor who spends his free time socializing with the islanders at the Tavern and offering medical advice. 
Chaem A blunt and competitive girly who is passionate about her volleyball career. She’s not rude, just hyper-focused on her career. 
Eva A delightful, sociable islander, cherished by everyone for her positive energy. She dreams of traveling and enjoys red velvet treats. 
Kenny A nature-loving individual, enjoys outdoor lunches with vegan tacos and cold kombucha. 
Leah A wanderer with a passion for photography who cherishes nature and fine arts. 
Lily Content with her well-paid remote job, Lily resides with her father, Jim, and brother Theo, all while nurturing her affection for miniature bonsai. 
Luke Hailing from a wealthy background, Luke grapples with the expectation of inheriting the family vineyard but strives to establish his identity by running Socket Electronics. 
Macy A friendly and independent individual who found her passion in photography after leaving her corporate finance job. 
Mark Comes across as emotionally distant in his interactions, but his compassion for animals reveals a softer side. 
Millie An avid bird watcher who enjoys spending her free time observing feathered friends, and diligently managing the Library’s books. 
Nina A well-educated woman whose mysterious departure and love for lavish vacations have been the talk of the town. 
Noah Noah’s main focus is caring for his mother, Betty, yet he enjoys long walks, discussing mysteries with Alice, and watching Game of Cones. 
Pablo Always wearing a smile, Pablo’s charming nature makes him popular among the locals. 
Rafael A reserved guy who prefers solitude and silence, yet he remains friendly and respectful in his interactions with others. 
Raj A cute barista and owner of Raja’s Coffee Corner, a charming coffee shop in Starlet Town. 
Scott A lively city boy who cherishes fun and adventure while passionately pursuing artifacts. 
Suki Lives with daughter Valentina and twin sister Alice at Coral Inn. Aims to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship with her ex. 
Surya New to the island, Surya embraced the chance to join Ling’s research project after realizing job prospects post-dissertation was uncertain. 
Theo A local fisherman who earns extra money by performing live at the tavern, valuing soulful delivery over a “decent voice.” 
Wakuu An astrophysicist living at the observatory during the week and spending weekends with his dad at the lighthouse. 
Yuri An unconventional MD with a passion for tattoos, pastel hair, and playing pool, has a history of serving in remote areas for minimal pay. 
Zarah An adventurous soul who delights in treasure hunting across the island, but her life outside of Coral Island remains a mystery. 
Miranjani A sweet and curious princess in Coral Island can be befriended and romanced in the post-1.0 update 
Semeru The Guard Leader of the Merfolk Kingdom is a serious and dedicated character who prioritizes the Kingdom’s safety. He can be romanced in the post-1.0 update.
Denali The steadfast gatekeeper in Coral Island’s Merfolk Kingdom is the 28th romance candidate. She can be romanced in the post-1.0 update.