All Shrine of Tribute journal locations in Sea of Thieves

Who keeps dropping these everywhere?

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Sea of Thieves Season Four has come complete with a whole host of shrines to check out. To fully complete each shrine, you will need to find the five journal entries that are hidden throughout the area. The Shrine of Tribute is no different, but finding the journals can be a bit tricky. If you’re having trouble finding them, we’ve got you covered.

Journal 1: Shrine of Tribute

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Just after you enter the shrine, you will descend down to the bottom of the chamber. At the bottom is a mural you will need for the Siren Statue puzzle. Just across from it is the first journal, on top of some fallen rocks by a chunk of red coral.

Journal 2: My Friends!

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From the first journal location, turn left and take the hallway there. Follow the path, taking a few right turns, until you reach a growth of glowing coral and an air vent. The journal will be at the base of the air vent.

Journal 3: The Warrior and the Sea Queen

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Continue through the corridor, taking the right turns. You will pass the Siren Statue with the conch shell but just ignore it for now.

At the next right turn after the conch shell Siren Statue, you will see some red coral and a shelf on your right. The third journal will be on the shelf.

Journal 4: The Sea Queen’s Army

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After you get the third journal, you will need to raise the water level of the shrine by completing the Siren Statue puzzle. Once you have, you will be able to reach the path on top of the huge, seated stone statue in the middle of one of the chambers. Use the coral platforms to get across the chamber. The fourth journal is beside the small waterfall against the wall.

Journal 5: Mermaid Gems

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The final journal for the Shrine of Tribute is inside the main treasure trove. Complete the pressure plate puzzle by pressing all three in rapid succession to open the path behind the stone statue. The final journal entry will be among the treasure on the stone platform.