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All songs in Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

Which songs will you be able to play?

Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line is a rhythm game that is a giant collection of Final Fantasy songs from over the years. If you didn’t play the previous Theatrhythm title, this is the perfect pick because this game contains the songs from that title and newer Final Fantasy titles, such as Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Final Fantasy 14. Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line will have over 500 songs, including songs from the game’s standard edition and the digital deluxe edition. So you might wonder, what are all the songs in Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line?

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The entire song list for Theatrhythm: Final Bar Line

Here are all the songs confirmed to be in Theatrhythm: Final Bar. While most of them will be in the standard edition of the game, a few songs can only be accessed if you pick up the game’s Deluxe Edition.

SongSource MaterialIncluded in Standard or Deluxe?
AirshipFinal FantasyStandard
Battle ThemeFinal FantasyStandard
Castle CorneliaFinal FantasyStandard
Main ThemeFinal FantasyStandard
Matoya’s CaveFinal FantasyStandard
Miniboss BattleFinal FantasyStandard
Mt.GulgFinal FantasyStandard
Opening ThemeFinal FantasyStandard
Sunken ShrineFinal FantasyStandard
Battle Theme 1Final Fantasy IIStandard
Battle Theme 2Final Fantasy IIStandard
Battle Theme AFinal Fantasy IIStandard
Chocobo ThemeFinal Fantasy IIStandard
DungeonFinal Fantasy IIStandard
FinaleFinal Fantasy IIStandard
Main ThemeFinal Fantasy IIStandard
The Imperial ArmyFinal Fantasy IIStandard
The Rebel ArmyFinal Fantasy IIStandard
TownFinal Fantasy IIStandard
Town of the MagiFinal Fantasy IIStandard
Battle 1Final Fantasy IIIStandard
Battle 2Final Fantasy IIIStandard
Crystal CaveFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
Elia, the Maiden of WaterFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
Eternal WindFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
Forbidden LandFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
Let Me Know the TruthFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
SaloniaFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
The Boundless OceanFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
The Crystal TowerFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
The Dark CrystalsFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
The InvincibleFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
This is the Last BattleFinal Fantasy IIIStandard
Zephyr Memories -Legends of the Eternal Wind-Final Fantasy IIIDeluxe Only
Another MoonFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Battle 1Final Fantasy IVStandard
Battle 2Final Fantasy IVStandard
Battle with the Four FiendsFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Lunar WhaleFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Main Theme of Final Fantasy IVFinal Fantasy IVStandard
The AirshipFinal Fantasy IVStandard
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Theme of LoveFinal Fantasy IVStandard
The Red WingsFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Tower of ZotFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Troian BeautyFinal Fantasy IVStandard
Within the GiantFinal Fantasy IVStandard
A New WorldFinal Fantasy VStandard
Battle 1Final Fantasy VStandard
Battle 2Final Fantasy VStandard
Battle at the Big BridgeFinal Fantasy VStandard
Four HeartsFinal Fantasy VStandard
HarvestFinal Fantasy VStandard
Home, sweet HomeFinal Fantasy VStandard
Library of AncientsFinal Fantasy VStandard
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VFinal Fantasy VStandard
Mambo de ChocoboFinal Fantasy VStandard
In Search of LightFinal Fantasy VStandard
The AirshipFinal Fantasy VStandard
The Dawn WarriorsFinal Fantasy VStandard
The Decisive BattleFinal Fantasy VStandard
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy VStandard
To the North MountainFinal Fantasy VStandard
BattleFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Battle to the DeathFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Celes’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Dancing MadFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Edgar & Sabin’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Grand FinaleFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Kefka’s TowerFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Locke’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Protect the Espers!Final Fantasy VIStandard
Searching for FriendsFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Terra’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VIStandard
The Airship BlackjackFinal Fantasy VIStandard
The Decisive BattleFinal Fantasy VIStandard
Aerith’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Birth of a GodFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Cosmo CanyonFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Fight On!Final Fantasy VIIStandard
Gold SaucerFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
JENOVAFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Judgment DayFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Let the Battles Begin!Final Fantasy VIIStandard
Main Theme of Final Fantasy VIIFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
One-Winged Angel Final Fantasy VIIStandard
Opening – Bombing MissionFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Rufus’s Welcoming CeremonyFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
The ChaseFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
The Highwind Takes to the SkiesFinal Fantasy VIIStandard
Bombing MissionFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Collapsed ExpresswayFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
High FiveFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Hollow Final Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
J-E-N-O-V-A – QuickeningFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Let the Battles Begin! – A Merc’s JobFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Main Theme of FFVII – Sector 7 UndercityFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Midgar ExpresswayFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
One-Winged Angel – RebirthFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Tifa’s Theme – Seventh HeavenFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
The AirbusterFinal Fantasy VII RemakeStandard
Advent: One-Winged AngelFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Aerith’s ThemeFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Battle in the Forgotten CityFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Beyond the WastelandFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Cloud SmilesFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Divinity IIFinal Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
J-E-N-O-V-A (AC Version)Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
Those Who Fight (Piano Version)Final Fantasy VII Advent ChildrenStandard
A Flower Blooming in the SlumsCrisis CoreStandard
CRISIS CORE Theme – SuccessionCrisis CoreStandard
EncounterCrisis CoreStandard
Timely AmbushCrisis CoreStandard
The Price of FreedomCrisis CoreStandard
The SOLDIER WayCrisis CoreStandard
Last OrderLast Order: Final Fantasy VIIStandard
Balamb GardenFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Blue FieldsFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Don’t be AfraidFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Ending ThemeFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Eyes On MeFinal Fantasy VIIIDeluxe Only
Find Your WayFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Fisherman’s HorizonFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Force Your WayFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Liberi FataliFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Love GrowsFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Maybe I’m a LionFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
PremonitionFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Ride OnFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Shuffle or BoogieFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
The CastleFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
The ExtremeFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
The Man with the Machine GunFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
The OathFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
Waltz for the MoonFinal Fantasy VIIIStandard
A Place to Call HomeFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Aboard the Hilda GardeFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Battle 1Final Fantasy IXStandard
Battle 2Final Fantasy IXStandard
Behind the DoorFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Dark City TrenoFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Festival of the HuntFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Iifa, the Ancient Tree of LifeFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Ipsen’s CastleFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Melodies Of Life ~Final FantasyFinal Fantasy IXDeluxe Only
Not AloneFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Over the HillFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Roses of MayFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Something to ProtectFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Swords of FuryFinal Fantasy IXStandard
The Darkness of EternityFinal Fantasy IXStandard
The Final BattleFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Vamo’alla flamencoFinal Fantasy IXStandard
Vivi’s ThemeFinal Fantasy IXStandard
A Contest of AeonsFinal Fantasy XStandard
A Fleeting DreamFinal Fantasy XStandard
AssaultFinal Fantasy XStandard
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XStandard
Blitz Off!Final Fantasy XStandard
ChallengeFinal Fantasy XStandard
Fight with SeymourFinal Fantasy XStandard
Final BattleFinal Fantasy XStandard
LaunchFinal Fantasy XStandard
Mi’ihen HighroadFinal Fantasy XStandard
Movement In GreenFinal Fantasy XStandard
OtherworldFinal Fantasy XStandard
SUTEKI DA NE (Isn’t It Wonderful?)Final Fantasy XStandard
Servants of the MountainFinal Fantasy XStandard
Spira UnpluggedFinal Fantasy XStandard
Thunder PlainsFinal Fantasy XStandard
Via PurificoFinal Fantasy XStandard
Zanarkand Final Fantasy XDeluxe Only
1000 WordsFinal Fantasy X-2Standard
Kuon -Memories of Waves and Light-Final Fantasy X-2Deluxe Only
“Let me blow you a kiss.”Final Fantasy X-2Standard
The Bevelle UndergroundFinal Fantasy X-2Standard
The Farplane AbyssFinal Fantasy X-2Standard
Their Resting PlaceFinal Fantasy X-2Standard
We’re the Gullwings!Final Fantasy X-2Standard
YuRiPa, Fight! No.1Final Fantasy X-2Standard
A New Horizon – Tavnazian ArchipelagoFinal Fantasy XIStandard
AwakeningFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Battle ThemeFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Distant WorldsFinal Fantasy XIDeluxe Only
FFXI Opening ThemeFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Fighters of the CrystalFinal Fantasy XIStandard
GustabergFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Heavens TowerFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Iron ColossusFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Melodies ErrantFinal Fantasy XIStandard
RagnarokFinal Fantasy XIStandard
RecollectionFinal Fantasy XIStandard
RonfaureFinal Fantasy XIStandard
SarutabarutaFinal Fantasy XIStandard
SelbinaFinal Fantasy XIStandard
ShinryuFinal Fantasy XIStandard
The Sanctuary of Zi’TahFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Tough Battle #2Final Fantasy XIStandard
Vana’diel MarchFinal Fantasy XIStandard
VoyagerFinal Fantasy XIStandard
Battle with an EsperFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Boss BattleFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Ending MovieFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
FINAL FANTASY (FFXII Version)Final Fantasy XIIStandard
Flash of SteelFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Giza PlainsFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Heart of a ChildFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Kiss Me Good-ByeFinal Fantasy XIIDeluxe Only
Life and DeathFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Phon CoastFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Streets of RabanastreFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Struggle for FreedomFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Symphonic Poem “Hope”Final Fantasy XIIDeluxe Only
The Archadian EmpireFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
The Dalmasca EstersandFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
The Mosphoran HighwasteFinal Fantasy XIIStandard
Blinded By LightFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Defiers of FateFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Desperate StruggleFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Dust to DustFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Eden Under SiegeFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Eternal LoveFinal Fantasy XIIIDeluxe Only
Fighting FateFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
March of the DreadnoughtsFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Nascent RequiemFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Saber’s EdgeFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
The Archylte SteppeFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
The Gapra WhitewoodFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
The Sunleth WaterscapeFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Will to FightFinal Fantasy XIIIStandard
Crazy ChocoboFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
EclipseFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Etro’s ChampionFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Full Speed AheadFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Groovy ChocoboFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Heart of ChaosFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Historia CruxFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Noel’s Theme – Final Journey –Final Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Paradigm ShiftFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Plains of EternityFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
The Last HunterFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
Warrior GoddessFinal Fantasy XIII-2Standard
ChaosLightning ReturnsStandard
Crimson BlitzLightning ReturnsStandard
LIGHTNING RETURNSLightning ReturnsStandard
The Dead DunesLightning ReturnsStandard
The Glittering City of YusnaanLightning ReturnsStandard
The SaviorLightning ReturnsStandard
A Light in the StormFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
A Long FallFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
AnswersFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
EngageFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Exponential EntropyFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Fallen AngelFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Good King Moggle Mog XIIFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Hard to MissFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
HeroesFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Ink Long DryFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
LocusFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Metal – Brute Justice ModeFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
MoebiusFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
NemesisFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
OblivionFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Ominous PrognisticksFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
On Westerly WindsFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Primal JudgmentFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Promises to KeepFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
RiseFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
SerenityFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
SunriseFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
The Land BreathesFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
The Worm’s TailFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Through the MaelstromFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
To the SunFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Torn from the HeavensFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
TriumphFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
UltimaFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Under the WeightFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Wayward DaughterFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
What Angel Wakes MeFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
Who Brings ShadowFinal Fantasy XIVStandard
EPISODE IGNIS – The Main ThemeFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Flying RFinal Fantasy XVStandard
HellfireFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Home Sweet HomeFinal Fantasy XVStandard
InvidiaFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Magna InsomniaFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Main Theme from FINAL FANTASYFinal Fantasy XVStandard
NOCTISFinal Fantasy XVStandard
OMNIS LACRIMAFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Shield of the King – Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUSFinal Fantasy XVStandard
SomnusFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Stand Your GroundFinal Fantasy XVStandard
The Dance of Silver and CrimsonFinal Fantasy XVStandard
The Fight Is On!Final Fantasy XVStandard
Up for the ChallengeFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Valse di FantasticaFinal Fantasy XVStandard
Veiled in BlackFinal Fantasy XVStandard
SoarFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
Tempus FinisFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
The Earth Under Our FeetFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
Vermilion FireFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
War: The White WeaponFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
War: Warrior Worth a ThousandFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
We Have ComeFinal Fantasy Type-0Standard
Fiend EncounterFinal Fantasy: The Four Heroes of LightStandard
The Four Heroes of LightFinal Fantasy: The Four Heroes of LightStandard
Battle: Chaos AdventStranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginStandard
Battle: False Knight – Motif from “Battle”Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginStandard
Jack’s ThemeStranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginStandard
Battle 1 – arrange – from FINAL FANTASY IXDissidia Final FantasyStandard
DISSIDIA – ending – from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASYDissidia Final FantasyStandard
Keeping the Peace from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASYDissidia Final FantasyStandard
The Decisive Battle – arrange – from FINAL FANTASY VIDissidia Final FantasyStandard
The Troops’ Advance from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASYDissidia Final FantasyStandard
Cantata Mortis from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASYDissidia 012[duodecim] Final FantasyStandard
Canto Mortis -An Undocumented Battle- from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASYDissidia 012[duodecim] Final FantasyStandard
DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY [FINAL TRAILER]Dissidia 012[duodecim] Final FantasyStandard
Gate to the Rift from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASYDissidia 012[duodecim] Final FantasyStandard
Lux Concordiae from DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASYDissidia 012[duodecim] Final FantasyStandard
“Antipyretic” from FINAL FANTASY TACTICS (Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
“Dancing Mad” from FINAL FANTASY Ⅵ (Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
“Eternal Wind” from FINAL FANTASY III (DFF Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
“Ominous Prognisticks” from FINAL FANTASY XIV (Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
“The Beginning of the End” from FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 (Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
“The Rebel Army” from FINAL FANTASY II (Arrangement)Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
God in Fire – arrange – from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASYDissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
Massive Explosion (Short ver.) from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY -Arcade-Dissidia Final Fantasy -Arcade-Standard
Dare to DefyDissidia Final Fantasy NTStandard
Spark from DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIADissidia Final Fantasy Opera OmniaStandard
Across the DivideFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
Monster RondeFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
Moonless Starry NightFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
Promised GraceFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
Sound of the WindFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredDeluxe Only
Today Comes To Be TomorrowFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
United, Heaven-SentFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
Woebegone CreatureFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles RemasteredStandard
This Is the End for You!Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal BearersStandard
Battle at the Big Bridge~Ver.2~ FFRK Ver. ArrangeFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
Blinded By Light FFRK Ver. arrange from FFXIIIFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
Chaos Shrine FFRK Ver. arrange from FFIFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
Stand Your Ground FFRK Ver. arrange from FFXVFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
The Chase FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIIFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
The Decisive Battle FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
The Man with the Machine Gun FFRK Ver. arrange from FFVIIIFinal Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
UTAKATA FFRK Ver. arrange from FFType-0Final Fantasy Record KeeperStandard
AntipyreticFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
ApoplexyFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
OpeningFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
Ovelia’s ThemeFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
Precipitous CombatFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
PrologueFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
TrisectionFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
Ultima’s TransformationFinal Fantasy TacticsStandard
BloodthirstMobius Final FantasyStandard
Dancing EdgeMobius Final FantasyStandard
Femme FataleMobius Final FantasyStandard
Magic MadnessMobius Final FantasyStandard
Warrior of Light – Mobius Final FantasyMobius Final FantasyStandard
World of BattleWorld of Final FantasyStandard
Dungeon Hero X’s ThemeChocobo’s DungeonStandard
Guardian of the Dark IIChocobo’s DungeonStandard
Leviathan BattleChocobo’s DungeonStandard
Pop-Up DuelChocobo’s DungeonStandard
Raffaello BattleChocobo’s DungeonStandard
Battle 1Mystic QuestStandard
Battle 2Mystic QuestStandard
Battle 3Mystic QuestStandard
Doom CastleMystic QuestStandard
Hill of DestinyMystic QuestStandard
Battle at the Big Bridge – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FFVTheatrhythm Final FantasyStandard
The Chaos Shrine – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FFTheatrhythm Final FantasyStandard
Return of the Warrior – TFF Menu Arrangement – From FFIIITheatrhythm Final FantasyStandard
Choose Your Combatants – TFFCC Menu Arrangement – From FFTTheatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallStandard
THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrangement MedleyTheatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallStandard
HEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL Special Arrangement Medley (Long Version)Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain CallStandard
Battle at the Big Bridge – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
Fight With Seymour – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFXTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
J-E-N-O-V-A – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVIITheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
Locke’s Theme – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVITheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
Main Theme of Final Fantasy V – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFVTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
Matoya’s Cave – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
Prelude – TFFAC Menu Arrangement – From FFTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
TFFCC Special Arrangement Medley – TFFAC Arrangement – From TFFCCTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
The Red Wings – TFFAC Arrangement – From FFIVTheatrhythm Final Fantasy All-star CarnivalStandard
FFVII Special Arrangement Medley – TFBL Arrangement – From FFVIITheatrhythm Final Bar LineStandard
THEATRHYTHM FINAL BAR LINE Special Battle Arrangement MedleyTheatrhythm Final Bar LineStandard
FF MedleyBrass de BravoStandard
Moogles’ ThemeBrass de BravoStandard
Battle at the Big BridgeBrass de Bravo 2Standard
Mambo de ChocoboBrass de Bravo 2Standard
Opening ThemeFinal Fantasy Tribute ThanksStandard
Aerith’s Theme -Collab Arrangement-Collaboration TitleDeluxe Only
Cosmo Canyon -Collab Arrangement-Collaboration TitleDeluxe Only
Battle at the Big Bridge -Modulation ver.- from FINAL FANTASY VModulation – Final Fantasy Arrangement Album –Deluxe Only
Battle Theme 2 -Modulation ver.- from FINAL FANTASY IIModulation – Final Fantasy Arrangement Album –Deluxe Only
Battle SQ : FINAL FANTASY IX Not AloneBattle SQDeluxe Only
SQ Chips: FINAL FANTASY III “Go above the Clouds!~The Invincible”SQ ChipsDeluxe Only
More SQ: FINAL FANTASY Dugem DE ChocoboMore SQDeluxe Only
Fighters of the CrystalSanctuary THE STAR ONIONSDeluxe Only
Acoustic: The Decisive BattleSquare Enix Acoustic ArrangementsDeluxe Only
Blinded By Light Jazz ArrangementSquare Enix Jazz -Final Fantasy-Deluxe Only
Band: A Long FalScions & Sinners: FINAL FANTASY XIV ~ Arrangement Album ~Deluxe Only
Clash on the Big BridgeThe Black MagesDeluxe Only
The Skies AboveThe Black Mages IIDeluxe Only
Band:RiseTHE PRIMALSDeluxe Only

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