All Spartan Core locations in Reformation in Halo Infinite

The final Spartan Cores turn Master Chief into something greater.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The final act of Halo Infinite has more than a few arcs clashing together in a climax, but Spartans would be remiss to allow that to interfere with grabbing the final few Spartan Cores to ensure Master Chief is ready for the final showdown.

With a heavy hostile presence scattered about the Reformation arc, and the second-largest land mass for the Master Chief to contend with in the game, slow and steady is the idea for chasing down the final 15 Spartan Cores.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. At the Northern Beacon; walk around the side from the main entrance.
  2. Northeast of FOB November, near the edge of the world.
  3. Southeast of Northern Beacon.
  4. Northwest from FOB Juliet, take the path towards a wrecked ship.
  5. Under a mountain southeast of Northern Beacon; enter on the northern side of the mountain.
  6. Northeast from Riven Gate, below the first triangular structure.
  7. West from FOB Hotel, follow a tunnel and look for an elevated platform at the end.
  8. Southeast of FOB November, near a Warthog.
  9. West of FOB Juliet, down a steep cliff.
  10. On top of the highest peak of the island; take a flying vehicle for ease.
  11. Within Riven Gate, after lowering all gates this Core is at the final switch.
  12. Directly north of FOB Lima, on top of a hexagonal pillar.
  13. South of the grav cannon bunker at Annex Ridge.
  14. Behind Southeast Beacon.
  15. Southwest of Southwest Beacon.