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All Splatfest ranks in Splatoon 3

Climb the rank ladder.

As you play Splatoon 3 during a Splatfest, you are helping contribute to the overall score your team puts up on the leaderboard. As you gain Splatfest Points from participating in games during the event, you are being a helpful member of the overall team. To recognize the time and work you have put in, you will gain various ranks that others can see for the duration of the Splatfest. Here is every Splatfest rank in Splatoon 3.

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Every Splatoon 3 rank and the score needed to reach them

There are a total of six Splatfest ranks in Splatoon 3. Each one is earned by accumulating the proper amount of Splatfest Points from playing Splatfest Battles and Tricolor Turf War matches. Your rank will reset at the beginning of every Splatfest when you choose a new team to represent. You can see your current rank in the top right corner of the Match Menu.

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Here are all of the ranks and the Splatfest Points needed to reach that point:

  • Fan – starting rank
  • Fiend – 100 Splatfest Points
  • Defender – 250 Splatfest Points
  • Champion – 500 Splatfest Points
  • Ruler – 999 Splatfest Points
  • Ruler+1 – 999+ Splatfest Points

You will notice at the bottom of that list that the Ruler and Ruler +1 ranks both require 999 Splatfest Points. While the maximum points you can earn are limited to just under a thousand, your rank will go up as you continue to play and would normally earn more points. The highest we have seen as of this writing is Ruler +2, and we do not know how many Splatfest Points they had earned to reach that point. So, if you reach the Ruler rank, you can keep playing and really show your commitment to your team. You don’t have to stop just because you reached the end of the Splatfest Point counter.

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