All Steam Deck replacement parts available from iFixIt — prices, pieces, and more

You could practically build a whole new device with these.

Image via Valve

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Since the Steam Deck launched, Valve has supported the right to repair. As such, it’s partnered with iFixIt to offer replacement parts for the portable PC handheld. Valve also recommends you go to a pro, so if you don’t have experience with replacing parts, soldering, and other technical aspects of repair, then this list probably isn’t for you.

For those who are looking to make their own repairs, a list of Steam Deck parts can now be found on iFixIt. We have the full list, prices included, written out below. Some are listed as being “from” a certain amount. In those cases, the price is for the replacement part itself, but iFixIt also offers an optional repair kit with your purchase. These kits cost $4.99 USD, and all parts listed below are in the same currency.

Fan – from $29.99

Steam Deck’s cooling system has seen a few hiccups since the handheld was launched. A fan replacement ought to do the trick if yours is making strange sounds or if the device itself is overheating.

Left/Right Thumbstick – from $19.99 each

These are mirrored versions of the same thumbstick, which you may need to replace in cases of drift — an issue that’s also plagued the Nintendo Switch.

Left/Right Bumper Button Assembly – $6.99 each

Similarly, these button assemblies can replace the shoulder bumpers on either side of the Steam Deck.

Left/Right Trigger Button Assembly – $7.99 each

These assemblies will replace the trigger buttons. They include the face, bracket, and spring necessary for actuating them.

Front/Back Plate – $24.99 each

These aren’t mirrored like the previous items, but they’re still two sides of the same shell. Either one can crack if dropped.

Screen (64 GB or 256 GB) – from $64.99

This screen replacement option works for either the 64 or 256 GB model. It has “premium anti-glare etched glass,” according to iFixIt.

Screen (512 GB) – from $94.99

The more expensive screen replacement option is meant for the top-tier Steam Deck. This is actually the most popular model for the device, which is why Valve is already working on a Steam Deck 2.

Screen Adhesive – $4.99

If you’re replacing the screen, you’ll probably need this too, though you might also need to make unrelated fixes to the adhesive. iFixIt’s pack includes four strips.

Image via Valve

Action Button/D Pad/Steam Button Rubber Membrane – $4.99 each

This trio of membranes can replace worn-out buttons all across the device. Each of those serves very different functions, but they’re still sold at the same price.

AC Adapter (US/EU/UK) – $24.99 each

Being able to keep your Steam Deck charged is of the utmost importance. iFixIt sells replacements that work with various outlet types.

Battery Adhesive – $4.99

Along the same lines, you might need to re-secure the device’s battery in its place. This kit includes a set of two adhesive strips.

Speakers – $24.99

Sound is also pretty darn necessary for gaming. This is a replacement for the Deck’s dual speakers.