All sub-camp locations in Monster Hunter Rise

A place to rest your head.

Image via Capcom

The maps in Monster Hunter Rise may not be huge, but it can still take a while to traverse them. Thankfully, each map contains some secret sub-camps that you can unlock. There will then allow you to fast-travel on the map.

In this guide, we will show you where to find them. It is a little more complicated than just tracking them down, however. When you first find a sub-camp in the game, it will unlock a quest at Kagero the Merchant in the Village. You will need to find them specific resources to unlock the camp. It normally boils down to simply gathering some items or slaying some small monsters. Only when that quest is complete can you use the sub-camp.

Sub-camps allow you to access your regular item box, or switch equipment if you need a new loadout to deal with a troublesome monster.

Shrine Ruins

You can find the sub-camp to the north of Area 10, on a large hill. To unlock it, you’ll need to kill eight Izuchi, a common smaller monster on the Shrine Ruins map.

Frost Islands

You can find the first sub-camp just to the west of area 7, on the other side of some tall rocks. You will need to kill eight Zamite to unlock it.

The second sub-camp is between areas 8 and 10, and you will need to deliver two Warm Pelts and four Monster Bone S to the merchant to unlock it.

Sandy Plains

The first camp can be found to the east of area 8, and you will need to defeat eight Kestodon on the map to unlock it.

The second camp is between area 3 and 7, and you will need to deliver a Lagombi Pelt and two Monster Bone M to the merchant to unlock it.

Flooded Forest

Can be found between area 6 and 11. You will need to kill eight Wroggi on the map to unlock this sub-camp.

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