All the Dark Place Word of Power Locations in Alan Wake 2

There are Words of Power in Alan Wake 2 you can find to enhance Alan Wake, and this guide shows you where to find them in the Dark Place.

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Alan Wake has a unique power in the Dark Place, and that’s the use of his words. In Alan Wake 2, while exploring the Dark Place, you can track down Words of Power to enhance Alan’s abilities.

The words of power are in unique locations, and you’ll find them in distinct spirals of words. You have to use your flashlight to unveil the words, unlocking their power to enhance the specific type of skill in Alan’s tree of abilities, which you can upgrade in the Writer’s Room. Here’s what you need to know about every Word of Power location in the Dark Place in Alan Wake 2.

Where to Find All Words of Power in Alan Wake 2

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The Words of Power appear as spiraled formations you can find while exploring the Dark Place. Although they’re not words Alan remembers writing, if he concentrates and fixates his flashlight on the location, he can further unlock his abilities, making him stronger. In Alan Wake 2, this is one of the best ways to progressively combat the Dark Place and the many entities that are attempting to keep Alan trapped there.

These are all the locations where you can find a Word of Power, unlocking additional abilities for Alan in Alan Wake 2.

Words of Power ImagesWord of Power LocationsDescription
Word of Power War – AlleyThere is a Word of Power in the alley, away from the police car. You’ll need to head east and loop around to the area underneath the highline, where you’ll discover it between the buildings.
Word of Power – Alley WallAfter taking the light from the taxi and turning it into a police car, there’s a Word of Power on the wall. You can shine your light up to you to reveal it.
Word of Power – RoofsOn the roofs, to the right of the safe house, is a Word of Power. You’ll find it to the right of the illuminated arrow.
Word of Power – High-Line RailYou can find another Word of Power underneath the High-Line rail. It will be on the south side of the map, directly on the ramp. You’ll need to look up to spot it.
Word of Power – Talk Show BuildingThere’s a Word of Power outside the Talkshow building, to the right of a phonebooth.
Word of Power – BuildingThe last Word of Power you can find will be where you discovered Alex Casey’s body in the alley. This would be where you gathered up the gun and flashlight. You’ll find the word of power above the door before you leave the looping building.