All tile combinations in Loop Hero

Loop Hero encourages you to experiment and try new combinations.

Image via Four Quarters

When battling enemies in Loop Hero, you receive a few cards after beating them that you can place all over the map. By positioning these cards in a certain way, you can create specific combinations, and these combos provide you bonuses, new enemies to fight, and resources you normally wouldn’t receive without having finished the combination. These combinations start to stack up and synergize with each other as you progress through Loop Hero, giving rise to new resources that you can use to expand your base, unlock new classes, and further your adventure in Loop Hero.

All tile combinations

Bloody Path

By placing two battlefields in proximity of each other, you can create a bloody path. The bloody path has the chance to spawn a blood clot to the tile.

Blooming Meadows

Blooming meadows are a better version of the traditional meadows. You can do this by placing a meadow card down next to beacons, the treasury, rocks, or nearly anything other than another meadows tile.

Burned Forest

The burned forest tile is available when you unlock the Storm Temple. All you have to do is place the temple adjacent to a forest or a thicket card, and a burned forest appears, giving you additional magical damage.

Count’s Lands

The Count’s lands card appears when you place a village and vampire mansion card next to each other. Initially, the village becomes a ransacked village, and summons ghouls, but later turns into the Count’s Lands, boosting the regular village card.

Hungry Grove

The Hungry Grove tile will appear when you place a Blood Grove down next to a Grove, and then you use the Oblivion card to remove the original Grove. Now, the Blood Grove becomes the Hungry Grove.

Goblin Camp

Whenever you place down 10 Mountain or Rock tiles anywhere on your Loop Hero map, a Goblin Camp spawns somewhere on your route. The goblins will slowly trickle out from the tiles nearby this camp. The goblins can stack up pretty fast, and they’re hard to kill. If they swarm too much, we recommend removing the card, if possible.

Goblin Lookout Post

The Goblin Lookout Post will appear when a Goblin outpost spawns next to a swamp, or you place the swamp down next to it. A goblin archer will appear on tiles adjacent to it to assist enemies. You will not be able to destroy the goblin archer unless you destroy the tile.


The grove tile can be enhanced whenever you place it next to a bloody grove or a Vampire mansion. If it’s next to a blood grove, any enemy under 20% of its maximum health is immediately. When placed next to a Vampire mansion, you’ll occasionally have to deal with flesh golems, which are powerful attackers, but they lack speed.

Mountain Peak

The mountain peak tile is created when you place nine rock tiles next to each other in a three-by-three space. You can also use mountain tiles to finish this combination. When it becomes a mountain peak, you receive a boost of ration resources, and a harpy will spawn in your loop every two days.

Overgrown fields

To create the Overgrown fields combination, you need to place a Village card next to a wheat fields card, and it will appear after you use an Oblivion card to remove it, or the Count’s Lands. The wheat fields cannot go down without a village card in your deck.


When placing a river tile next to a desert tile, you create an Oasis. It has a calming effect on you, and your enemies, lowering everyone’s attack speeds.


To create a Reeds combination you need to put down a road next to a river. Now, fishmen will appear on this tile that you can battle against.

Sand Dunes

The Sand Dunes is a special card that receives an augment after you place it down next to a river, enhancing it.


The shipwreck tile will appear when you place a battlefield down next to a river. The shipwreck will spawn the siren enemy, and has the chance to spawn chests.


You can create a town tile by placing five suburb tiles down in a row.

Training Dummies village

The training dummies village enhancement will only appear after you place 10 forest or thickets down in your Loop.

Temporal Beacon

The temporal beacon is an advanced form of the beacon card. It acts much like the previous one, but adds a monster called The Watcher within its range. However, it will not spawn the Watcher if it is in range of a Vampire Mansion.

Vampire Mansion (Bookery, Swamp, or Grove)

You can modify the Vampire Mansion by surrounding it with the Bookery, Grove, and Swamp tiles. When it’s next to a grove tile, you can summon blood golem. When you use a swamp tile next to the Vampire Mansion, you can prevent the vampires from using their lifesteal Vampirism. While the Vampire Mansion is next to a Bookery, there’s a chance to summon Vampire Mages to battles after the Bookery has been exhausted.