All trade values and Stardust costs in Pokémon Go

What’s the cost to trade a Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

When you’re looking to trade with another trainer in Pokémon Go, you have to consider not only what Pokémon you want from them but the level of your friendship with that player. For example, a player at Best Friends level with you will not cost as much Stardust to trade with you, compared to a new player you just met at the Good Friend level. In this guide, we will detail all trade values and Stardust costs for trading in Pokémon Go.

Your friendship level with that player and the type of Pokémon trade you want to make determines the value. A shiny or legendary Pokémon will cost you more Stardust than a regular Pokémon. It also matters if you have the Pokémon registered to your Pokédex. If it is a brand new Pokémon for you or the player, you’re trading with, that cost skyrockets, and it becomes expensive pretty quick. You want to keep those factors in mind when discussing a trade with another player in Pokémon Go.

These are all of the trade values and Stardust costs for trading with another player in Pokémon Go.

Friendship LevelRegular PokémonRegular PokémonLegendary or Shiny PokémonLegendary or Shiny Pokémon
Registered in PokéexNew Pokémon in PokédexRegistered in PokédexNew Pokémon in PokéDex
Good Friend100 Stardust20,000 Stardust20,000 Stardust1,000,000 Stardust
Great Friend100 Stardust16,000 Stardust16,000 Stardust800,000 Stardust
Ultra Friend100 Stardust1,600 Stardust1,600 Stardust80,000 Stardust
Best Friend100 Stardust800 Stardust800 Stardust40,000 Stardust

The most expensive trades are the legendary or shiny Pokémon trades. These are also Special Trades, which means you can only perform these once a day on your account. If you complete a Special Trade with one player, you cannot make another Special Trade with other players, not until the cooldown of 24 hours has expired. There are times when Niantic does make it available for players to perform multiple Special Trades, such as Pokémon Go Fest events. You can check the Pokémon Go twitter page to see when these Special Trade events are available.