All traits and perks in Loop Hero

A helping hand.

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Traits and perks in Loop Hero can be powerful additions to your arsenal as you try to finish loops and take out bosses. Traits can be accessed by building the Gymnasium at the camp, allowing you to earn the traits as you kill enemies.

Killing enough enemies on the loop will earn a trait, which can be picked from a pool of three different options. From time to time, one of the available traits will be the ability to re-roll the pool at no extra cost.

Ambitions of the deadAfter killing an enemy, your skeleton fully heals itself. Its damage and hp are increased by 10% until the end of battle.Necromancer
Art of Control+1 to the maximum number of skeletons you can have.Necromancer
Article of ProtectionAfter receiving this effect and after every loop, the hero receives a bar of phantom protection that equals 65% of his max HP. All damage to it is dealt ignoring defense. Warrior
Awakened Fragment2% chance to get a whole resource sphere instead of a chunk.All
Axis TiltTime flies 25% faster.All
Battering RamThe hero rushes into battle head-on and his first attack has a 75% chance to stun each enemy for 1 second.All
Blade of DawnEvery morning the Hero’s sword is filled with sunlight, causing its next attack to do ×2 damage to all.All
Blissful IgnoranceDeals you a full hand of “Oblivion” cards. From now on, using “Oblivion” cards heals hero by 10% of his max HP.All
BucklerEvery counterattack restores 1.5×loop HP.Warrior
Card-sharp10% chance to keep card after placing its tile (doesn’t work for the golden cards).All
Child of the ForestA ratwolf may come to your aid during battle (75% chance).Rogue
Deep PocketsResource cap in the expedition is increased by 50%.All
Dominant MassDamage is increased by 20% of defence value.Warrior
Edge of Impossible20% chance to exceed the number of skeletons and summon 2 of them during the last summon.Necromancer
FussThe hero receives 7% less damage for every enemy, starting after the second enemy.Rogue only
Horde3 strengthened skeletons will be joining the hero on every loop to help in battleNecromancer
Lethal WeaknessEvery 10% of lost HP gives you a 0.5% chance to instantly deal 1000% damage.Rogue
MarauderFighting against 3 or more enemies will grant you an additional trophy.Rogue
Master of Fencing10% chance to simultaneously attack two targets.Rogue
Nothing is Sacred+3 HP after a kill.Rogue
Omicron’s Technique+1 Resurection ChargeAll
Old ScarsMax HP is increased by 1 for each received trophy.Rogue
PickyLowers the quantity of items received on the camp tile by 3, while increasing the quality of exchange for trophies.Rogue
Preparation for a CeremonyFirst two skeletons summoned in a day will be strengthened.Necromancer
Treasure Hunter5% chance for a chest to spawn on top of a killed enemy.All
Residual HeatReceive 3×loop HP after skeleton’s death.Necromancer
Second ThoughtsGet a new set of 3 traits (doesn’t spend points).All
Shield-Master20% chance upon hit of stunning target for 1 second.Warrior
Shield of FaithUpon killing an enemy, the Hero receives one Stained Glass charge, which can protect him with 20% chance. 3 Stained Glasses max.All
Skilled ArmorerArmor is increased by 1 after every loop.Warrior
Smoke ScreenAfter losing 20% of his HP in battle, the hero will evade all attacks for 2 seconds.Rogue
Somersault35% chance to perform a counterattack during evade.Warrior
Strong Aftertaste+1.5 damage for every potion used.All
SuppliesThe hero leaves 10% of his findings in a camp when passing through a campfire tile.All
Surveyor+0.5×loop HP for an adjacent road-side tile while passing a tile.All
SurvivalistIf your HP falls below 40% your regeneration is doubled.Warrior
Unseen CareA permanent +0.5 bonus to energy armor for every summoned skeletonNecromancer