All treasure pod locations in Starlight Strand in Slime Rancher 2 – Treasure capsule map

Quite the collectible collection.

Image via Monomi Park

For a game about perfecting your home’s slime-farming capabilities, Slime Rancher 2 has a surprising amount for you to explore. This is, of course, important for gathering up any slimes you might want to add to your collection. It’s also important for tracking down treasure pods containing upgrades to your tech, as well as new decorations for sprucing things up a bit. Starlight Strand alone has 24 of these pods scattered around, and finding them all can be quite a challenge. Unless you have a map, that is.

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All treasure pods in Starlight Strand

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Stalagmite Cluster: This pod is on the lower ledge underneath the giant stone arch
  2. Rock Cluster: This pod is hidden behind some rocks, but you’ll need a Jetpack to get to the island in the first place
  3. Coastal Rock Pillar: On the edge of the large rock formation, next to the water. Be very careful not to fall in, as this is a tricky spot
  4. Cheerful Statue: On the wall near the entrance (behind)
  5. Veggie Slime Bait: On top of the large rock formation
  6. Tank Liner: In the cave behind the Honey Gordo. Eats fruit
  7. Storage Cell: In the cave behind the Rock Slime Plort Gate
  8. Tall Pink Coral Columns: In a cave, the entrance is to the pod’s southwest, at the end of the pink bridge
  9. Violet Warp Depot: On a raised ledge overlooking the lake
  10. Sharp Boulder: At the top of the waterfall
  11. Azure Grass: On a small ledge high above the water
  12. Cave Pillar: In a cave. The entrance is hidden behind the mountain
  13. Root Tangle: In a cave, the entrance to the north of the pod
  14. Dash Boot Module: At the base of the giant pink and blue tree
  15. Novice Gordo Snare: Behind the Hunter Slime Plort Gate
  16. Azure Shrubs: Behind the Hunter Slime Plort Gate
  17. Azure Mangrove: In a small corner high in the mountains
  18. Starbloom Flowers: On the cliff overlooking the water
  19. Tall Violet Swirl Shroom: Behind the nearby Rock Slime Plort Gate
  20. Pink Glow Shrooms: Down the dark hole in the ground on the plateau
  21. Tank Liner: At the very top of the mountain here
  22. Starlight Strand Portal: Beneath the Flutter Gordo. Only eats nectar
  23. Spring Pad: In a hidden room. Fall down the hole by the waterfall to the east
  24. Power Chip: On the large rock formation where the two giant arches meet