All treasure pods in Rainbow Fields in Slime Rancher 2 – Treasure capsule map

There are blueprints around every corner.

image via Monomi Park

Slime Rancher 2 is about more than just collecting slimes. You also need to feed them and harvest their Plorts, all while braving a sometimes dangerous open world. One of the best reasons to get out there and explore is to find treasure pods that contain blueprints for various goodies, from decorations for your laboratory to important new technology to make your entire operation more efficient. Some of these are hidden pretty well, though, so it helps to have a comprehensive map.

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Treasure pod map

Screenshot by Gamepur
  1. Goldpetal Flowers: This pod is outside the exit of the cave, on a small platform to the left. Be careful though, since the cave is filled with aggressive slimes.
  2. Hydro Turret: You can find this pod just to the left of the cave entrance, outside.
  3. Emerald Cypress Cluster: This one is at the very edge of the platform behind the travel location, on the lower section.
  4. Small Boulder: Be careful with this one, as its an area with some aggressive slimes. Thankfully, it’s on a raised ledge, where you’ll be safe to pick it up.
  5. Heart Cell: This pod is at ground level, but it’s tucked behind a rock.
  6. Overjoyed Statue: This pod is a simple one. Just climb the hill to find it.
  7. Tank Liner: This one is underground, and you’ll need to get past the Phosphor Gordo Slime to the south of it to get inside. You can do this by feeding the slime a bunch of fruit.
  8. Emerald Cypress: This pod is in a small cave right next to the shore.
  9. Large Pink Bonsai: You can find the first of the two pods at this location on the side of the mountain.
  10. Slime Stage: This pod is at the top of the mountain. You’ll need the Jetpack, and it helps to use the treetops as platforms.
  11. Power Chip: This pod is in a cave underground. You can find the entrance just to the northeast of its location, under the edge of the cliffside.
  12. Med Station: To get this one, just head to the lower level at the very edge of the peninsula.
  13. Pink Warp Depot: This pod is in an underground cave that you can enter by jumping (carefully!) off the cliffside to the south.
  14. Rock Fragments: This pod is on the pillar sticking up out of the water.