All Ubisoft Connect challenges for Riders Republic

Gain Ubisoft Connect credits while playing Riders Republic.

Image via Ubisoft

Like all recent Ubisoft games, Riders Republic makes use of Ubisoft Connect, a player network that keeps track of your stats across Ubisoft games and offers exclusive rewards that can be redeemed. In order to redeem those rewards, you’ll have to spend Units, which you gain from leveling up as you complete game-specific challenges. Here are all the Ubisoft Connect challenges offered by Riders Republic.

ChallengeObjectiveXP Reward
First StepCollect 40 stars to unlock Picture as a sponsor50
Opening DayComplete Welcome to Riders50
Casual FridayComplete an event with a fun kit100
Amateur PhotographerFind 10 landmarks100
WorkaholicComplete 100 sponsor contracts100
Castle DoctrineCapture 150 modules in tricks battle100
BicentennialComplete 200 events100
All-StarGain 200 Stars100
Arts and CraftsComplete 100 UGC Events100
Stunt Master GeneralComplete 15 stunts100
Big AirComplete a snow trick big event 5 times100
Fresh PowderComplete a snow race big event 5 times100
FreewheelingComplete a bike trick big event 5 times100
TrailblazerComplete a bike race big event 5 times100
Touch the SkyComplete an air big event 5 times100
SocialiteComplete 25 mass events250
Snowpark StarComplete the snow trick boss event 5 times250
Alpine AllstarComplete the snow race boss event 5 times250
Look, Ma! No hands!Complete the bike trick boss event 5 times250
Maximum Velo-cityComplete the bike race boss event 5 times250
Fighter AceComplete the air sport boss event 5 times250
Hitting it BigCollect 450 stars to unlock Red Bull as a sponsor250
This is my houseCapture 75 districts in tricks battles250
The Main EventComplete 100 Tricks Battle matches250
Name in LightsEarn 400 Division Points250
99 Ride(r) BalloonsCollect 99 collectibles250
Big in EuropeComplete 50 Shackdaddy Bandit Contracts250
Makin’ it BigComplete the Invitational 5 times250
Better with FriendsComplete 100 events as part of a group250
Belongs in a MuseumDiscover 10 relics250