All Ubisoft Connect rewards for Riders Republic

What can you unlock with your Units?

Image via Ubisoft

Ubisoft has implemented the Ubisoft Connect player system in all of its games since its creation, and Riders Republic is no different. Ubisoft Connect allows players to track their stats across each of their Ubisoft games and complete challenges to level up. One of the biggest perks to having an Ubisoft Connect account is being able to redeem exclusive in-game items using a currency called Units.

Units are gained each time you level up, and both the content you can unlock and the amount of Units you’ll need to spend varies between games. Ubisoft Connect rewards can range from free in-game currency to material packs to brand new outfits. Riders Republic doesn’t offer a huge amount of rewards in comparison to other Ubisoft games, but there are still some unlockables for you to spend your Units on. Here’s a look at all the Ubisoft Connect rewards you can redeem for Riders Republic.

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RewardUnit Price
Steep PackFree (only available to redeem by Steep players)
Beta Riders TitleFree (only available to redeem by those who played the Riders Republic beta in August 2021)
Riders Republic Fan KitFree
Currency packFree
Helicopter Tickets30 Units
Reverence Taunt60 Units
Extreme Hiker Red (legendary outfit)100 Units