All Underground Cathedral Mokoko seed locations in Lost Ark

Remember that its a rescue mission.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Getting out and exploring the world is half the fun in Lost Ark. The map is huge and has plenty of collectibles to pick up. One of the most important of these are the Mokoko Seeds that are scattered everywhere. There are over 1200 of these seeds to find and they can be used to get a variety of rewards depending on your class and your build.

The trouble, of course, is that not all of the Mokoko Seeds are easy to find. In particular, the seeds hidden in the Underground Cathedral area of East Luterra can be a bit tricky to find. If you’re struggling to find them all, here is their location and how to get them all.

Where are the Underground Cathedral Mokoko Seeds?

Screenshot by Gamepur

In total, there are eight Mokoko seeds in the Underground Cathedral, as well as a whole host of cultists to fight and villagers to rescue. This is the basement area of the Blackrose Chapel. As you are running through the dungeon, keep an eye out for these bright green, glowing pods. The key here is to rescue all of the civilians you find. You can accidentally hit them with area effects and ranged attacks, so be careful.

Mokoko Seed 1: As you enter the dungeon, you’ll encounter a few enemies to fight. Turn to the left and head down the stairs. Keep an eye out for some villagers here and avoid hitting them. The trick is to lure the cultists away from them before you lay into them.

Once this group of villagers is safe, go back to the entrance. Head to the right and walk along the path. Go past the gate until you hit some stairs. Go up the stairs and follow the path around until you find a long table. The first Mokoko Seed will be beside the table.

Mokoko Seed 2: Walk back to the gate and open it. Follow the path through the altar room. Fight the enemies here – being careful not to hurt the civilians in the pews, and then head north. Your best bet will be to walk through the center of the room without approaching the villagers, focusing on fighting in the far end of the room. You’ll go down some stairs and fight some more enemies along the way. Be sure to hit the alcoves along the passage – see the Note on the map above. There are some enemies here that you need to kill to get all the seeds.

Once they are taken care of, continue to the north. The path will fork. To the left will be some enemies holding a group of civilians hostage. Kill those enemies without hurting the villagers before proceeding to the right. Follow the path to the north until you spot another closed gate. Turn left without opening it. Kill more enemies in this area and you’ll find the second Mokoko Seed tucked away around a wall in a small room.

Mokoko Seeds 3, 4, and 5: Head back to the closed gate to the north. Inside will be another fight against a swarm of cultists and a boss. Finish them all off. After this, the path is fairly linear. Follow it until you reach what appears to be a torture chamber. The cultists are all torturing some civilians, making it tough to pull them away. Notice how the civilians names are in blue now? That means they can’t be hurt by your attack, so you’re free to let loose.

This is true as you go up the stairs leading north. Kill the cultists in the room to your left and rescue to villagers. Once you do, the gate to the north will open because you’ve rescued all the villagers to this point in the dungeon. In the room on the left, you’ll find three Mokoko Seeds. Two are against the north wall and one is in the southwest corner of the room.

Mokoko Seeds 6 and 7: Follow the path around to the east, killing those pesky cultists along the way. You’ll spot a closed gate that leads east. You can’t open it just yet, so don’t worry. Keep going to the south until you run into a swarm of cultists and a boss. Once they are taken care of, that gate should open up. If it is still closed, you’ll need to backtrack to find some enemies that you missed. Explore every nook of the dungeon to find those pesky cultists. Inside this room, you’ll find some treasure and two Mokoko Seeds.

Mokoko Seed 8: From here, there is only one seed to find. Just follow the path south until you reach a room with some broken pillars. The final Mokoko Seed is along the southern path and is marked on the map above. There aren’t any special requirements to get it, thankfully, so just grab it when you get the chance.

From here, just complete the dungeon and enjoy your new trove of seeds.