All unique monster locations in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

All Unique Monsters in the game and where to find them

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Unique Monsters are powerful enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that are easily identifiable by the red icons on the side of their name/level. Their levels can vary wildly and don’t have to match the average enemy level of the area you are in. These monsters can be more powerful than they appear, and you will need proper preparation before you take them on.

Defeating these monsters provides great rewards in the form of rare accessories, materials, and moves for the Soulhacker class. You will meet a number of Unique Monsters throughout your journey, but some of these monsters require you to go out of your way before they appear.

Here are all the Unique Monster locations in Aionios, organized by region in alphabetical order. You will see their name, their level, their location, any requirements they need to appear, and the Soulhacker move/skill you gain upon defeating them.

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Aetia Region Unique Monsters

Alfeto Valley

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Lapdog Veece9Volff LairNoneBeast Howl (Art)
Househunter Carly21Berje BeltNoneBubble Cloud (Art)
Sensitive Catullus26Sepulchral CliffpathOnly appears after Chapter 1Systematic Defense (Skill)

Captocorn Peak

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Spiralhorn Baccro56Tsang RoadNoneGrace of the Land (Skill)
Stonehoof Torphan57Piula PathNoneSense of Danger (Skill)
Keen Chicky-Chicky59Nocclia MireOnly appears after Colony 0 moves to Li Garte Prison CampBurrowing Rocket (Art)
Timbercorn Cthinos61Ladras WayNoneHealing Rest (Art)

Everblight Plain

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Witchwind Kujjat59Rottswoe BattlescarOnly appears after Chapter 3Trick Dart (Art)

Melnath’s Shoulder

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Petrivore Judomar31Melnath’s Path, UpperOnly appears after Chapter 3Accelerating Attacks (Skill)
Perilwing Ryuho100Coolley LakeNoneEagle Rush (Skill)

Milick Meadows

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Indiscreet Gombaba12Millick Ravine WayNoneSumo Press (Art)
Perturbed Bilkin13Luca’s EyotNoneButterfly Dust (Art)
Migratory Circe14Millick Ravine WayNoneJust A Moment (Skill)
Altruistic Maribel29Murmur RiseNoneAir Body (Skill)
Phantom Streya51Elgares Depths EntranceNoneMimic Technique (Skill)
Wicked Wolf Aranqui70Fuschian FieldsMust enter Origin firstThunderclap (Art)
Fang-King Clavein80Elgares DepthsNoneCounter Puncher (Skill)
Jingoistic Gigantus80Viliera HillNoneBlasting Stomp (Art)

Yzana Plains

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Sycophantic Lilith5Colony 9 Front GateNoneHard Dig (Art)
Gushing Masquin24Colony 9NoneDodge Acceleration (Skill)
Repulsive Deepus24Sonata SaddlebackNoneEmergency Turbo (Skill)
Well-Plated Zelinka53Svinne CavityNoneUltranull Shield (Skill)

Cadensia Region Unique Monsters

Agnus Castle

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Obliterator Centaurio91Agnus Castle BarbicanNonePsychowave (Art)

Erythia Sea

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Littlefort Morley46Needle Reef BeachNoneCavalry (Art)
Navigator Helios48Erythia Relay BaseNoneReckless Attack (Skill)
Widdershins Radler48Anu ShoalsNoneAwakilling (Skill)
Intrusive Neville49Migrow’s RosaryNoneShark Shock (Art)
Taskmaster Imperion49Erythia Relay BaseNoneExcessive Armor (Skill)
Barbed Merod51Anu ShoalsNoneNeedle Shell (Skill)
Virtuous Gulkin52Tengate RuinsNonePointy Stick (Art)
Galloping Ghuldan56Farlaine UnderpassNoneApothecary’s Wisdom (Skill)
Hardshelled Admory57Krezen CliffsNoneShell Guard (Art)
Covetous Gerondon60Cape ArcaphorNoneAquaball (Art)
Otherworldly Rodsin60Welkin FallsNoneJet Stream (Art)
Spiky Aurelia63Antol PitNoneQueenly Pride (Skill)
Talkative Dirakha63Cape ArcaphorNoneDeeply Tactical (Skill)
Abysmal Rakshmi64Lavi SandbarNoneQueen of Mercy (Skill)
Darkening Asha65Colony 15 (Hargan Point)Complete “A Young Noble’s Request”Debuff Counter (Skill)
Fleeting Shikino65Colony 15 (Hargan Point)Complete “A Young Noble’s Request”Battle Fever (Skill)
Ghosting Lulika65Colony 15 (Hargan Point)Complete “A Young Noble’s Request”Terran Warrior (Skill)
Miraging Yuri65Colony 15 (Hargan Point)Complete “A Young Noble’s Request”One with the Land (Skill)
Fairscale Marina66Oshia’s Reef RavineNoneBreath of an Era (Skill)
Hardscale Gouran66Oshia’s Reef RavineNoneDragon Decree (Art)
Sharpscale Ragoon66Oshia’s Reef RavineNoneAquatic Warrior (Skill)
Sharkblade Nedd67Doublecrag GateOnly available during daytimePositional Attacker (Skill)
Jealous Mizraile72Lavi SandbarNoneCreeping Predator (Skill)
Oceanic Lucera73Anu ShoalsNoneBomberhead (Art)
Demonic Krenolur75Daedal IsleNoneHydra Gas (Art)
Naval Gyrus75Irma’s Secret BaseNoneTrout Hop (Art)
Heroic Gulkin76Place of Heroes PastNoneRoyal Charisma (Skill)
Flyswatter Kamado77Daedal IsleNoneSpider Web (Art)
Seatiger Tridence77Patulia BayOnly available at nightEther Sphere (Art)
Ragemaw Tempeldo78Daedal IsleNoneCelestial Conqueror (Skill)
Killhappy Brijaidor79Vinisog HolmNoneStrength Support (Skill)
Slack-Jawed Zephal80Daedal IsleWeather must be a thunderstormEmperor of Violence (Skill)
Ravenous Babayaga84Patulia BayNoneAttack Heal (Skill)
Seadragoon Melchior85Twinpalm IsleNoneDual Attack (Art)
Conqueror Deepwan102Demihuman GutterNoneKing’s Bash (Art)
King Krawkin102Demihuman GutterNoneDesperate Charge (Art)
Levialord Empireo110The Aegis SeaNonePower Pick-Me Up (Skill)

Great Sword’s Base

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Spectral Rémy42Bannis PathNoneToxic Gas (Art)
Foolhardy Saide58Pedesto Valley FloorNoneRhino Storm (Art)
Sundappled Floria71N’ohm WetlandsNoneElectric Skin (Art)

Fornis Region Unique Monsters

Dannagh Desert

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Scornful Daria22Great Idalla RavineNoneTail Slap (Art)
Stoneclipper Gorse25Bulik BraeNoneDrain Guard (Skill)
Crystalline DuGarre27Alefa SkysphereNoneCursed Cuisine (Art)
Terrorbird Zieger37Glam RockNoneHawk Shot (Art)
Dunesea Marcellus87Devil’s SkilletNoneStrike Shirker (Skill)

Eagus Wilderness

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Sharpwitted Tracy15Reith ValleyNoneSurprise Attack (Skill)
Hazardous Jarrahed16Racine’s PlatterNoneSnake Eyes (Art)
Rambler Curalie17Bennel CaveNonePoison Spray (Art)
Farseer Pirtett40Zem’s CrosswayNoneSacrificial Heal (Skill)

Elaice Highway

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Night-Stalker Volodya43Torus HollowNoneAccelerator Organ (Skill)
Unobtrusive Liggy43Three Heroes PeakOnly appears after completing the “My Reasons” Hero QuestUnderworld Rage (Skill)
Profound Hodzuki44Visura ParklandNoneHypnotism (Art)
Villainous Igna46Igna ConglomerateNoneDragon Gas (Art)
Crafty Anskey54Yunnae’s RiseNoneRevenge Impetus (Skill)
Impish Langobard74Purus PalecolumnNoneNon-Stop Barrage (Skill)

Rae-Bel Tableland

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Dapper Sepiar22The Lace SubterraneanNoneNatural Guard (Skill)
Tenderling Rumi23Lisza GardenNoneAmazing Growth (Skill)
Wraithfin Segna24Riez TarnNoneWater Jet (Art)
Heretical Saurow25Old Kana BattlefieldNoneHypno-Light (Art)
Puzzled Raquinu45Elsayer CapeNoneRaid Strike (Art)
Doomfang Caum50Pinasa HighlandNoneMegashout (Skill)
Joyful Nimroog68Valley of AnguishNoneInstant Charge (Skill)
Kilocorn Grandeps95Dumas’ JawNoneMonarch’s Heart (Skill)

Ribbi Flats

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Unruffled Narrah19Laprel KnollNoneDefense Time (Skill)
Perspicacious Oldar20Sparres BarrNoneHorn Dance (Art)
Hedonist Tirkin23Tirkin HeadquartersNoneTactical Eye (Skill)
Ruthless Grokken81Killy ForsNonePredation (Art)

Keves Castle Unique Monsters

Keves Castle

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Mobile Vespa41Hangar, Lower LevelNoneSpit Beam (Art)
Forsaken Arbiter42Hangar, Lower LevelNoneNeck Slice (Art)
Vengeful Dominator42Hangar, Lower LevelNoneAction Reaction (Skill)
Determined Vatslav43Troop Reserve SectionNoneSupercharged (Skill)
Thunderclap Dalton43Troop Reserve SectionNoneDeflector Plate (Skill)
Turbulent Martinez43Troop Reserve SectionNoneEnergy Efficiency (Skill)

Syra Hovering Reefs

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Craven Piggard38Hovering Reef 3NoneNimbleness Itself (Skill)
Ambusher Tirion39Ether MineNoneDamage Share (Skill)
Blazing Karlos40Hovering Reef 4NoneDino Storm (Art)
Diabolical Rindolph49Hovering Reef 7NoneSpinning Bolt (Art)
Hornbow Dante55Ekdaso VergeNoneDual-Horn Pressure (Skill)
Infiltrator Garnach64Fourth Ixia BridgeNoneSuper Explosion (Skill)
Protector Revelta64Hovering Reef 1NoneHeavy Armor (Skill)

Pentelas Region Unique Monsters

Great Cotte Falls

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Gallivanter Buckley30Titan RockNoneSandsmoke (Skill)
Frolicking Parker31Cotte Trick RuinsNoneAquatic Missile (Art)
Budding Francis32Titan RockNoneSpiritual Absorber (Skill)
Phantasmagorical Rist35Cotte Trick RuinsNonePhysical Absorber (Skill)
Soaring Virion36Amoney’s HallowsNoneDangerous Claws (Skill)
Massive Georges37Hidden Freshwater InletNoneFin of Fear (Art)
Stately Doramma64Cotte FountainheadNoneScattered Healing (Skill)
Saberly Dorampé65Cotte FountainheadNoneDouble Slap (Art)

High Maktha Wildwood

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Dimwitted Tirkin45The TirkinholdNoneRoyal Aide (Skill)
Immovable Gonzalez88Gogols’ TreeNoneWild Wave (Art)

Low Maktha Wildwood

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Spartan Fennick78Gingin’s TreehouseNoneMinistorm (Art)
Gorgeous Mandora96Cavern of OblivionNoneLife Plant (Art)
Dreadwyrm Nizoont105Forgotten Trick GateNoneHot Soul (Skill)

Urayan Trail

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Besieger Sheritt48Mountain Front: KevesNonePiercing Laser (Art)
Bushwhacker Farritt48Mountain Front: AgnusNoneReserve Life (Skill)
Bloodsucking Elvis53Urayan TrailNoneDouble Strike (Art)

Urayan Tunnels

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Raucous Ron27Roaring SpringNoneLast Fencer (Art)
Shimmering Marcko28Kachurichu CavernNoneRadiant Arts (Art)
Gracious Titania50Roaring SpringNoneBattle Pheromone (Art)
Godlike Krastor82Ruins of SeebuNoneLarge-Scale Shock (Skill)
Impregnable Sandhu82Ruins of SeebuNoneFiery Morale (Skill)

Origin Unique Monsters

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Defiled Ishtar65Ferronis Arsenal #3NoneVampire Bat (Art)
Cruelfist Rojou66Amplifier Control RoomNoneRecharge Cheer (Skill)
Ghostfist Róisín66Amplifier Control RoomNoneMurder Knuckle (Art)
Trickfist Tuano66Amplifier Control RoomNoneMano a Mano Evasion (Skill)
Creeping Hameel67Amplifier No. 2NoneAttack Mastery (Skill)
Artificial Optho69Hangar, Upper LevelNoneMagic Transmutation (Skill)
Clinging Azreel69Central DefenseNoneElimination Beam (Art)
Dishonest Karom69Hangar, Upper LevelNoneEvasive Posture (Art)
Phony Temnos69Hangar, Upper LevelNoneExoshell (Skill)
Pressing Rafeel69Hangar, Lower: Main GateNoneDefense Mastery (Skill)
Vapid Roger70Hangar, Upper LevelNoneBerserker Mindset (Skill)
Thaumawolf Bajeek71Central DefenseNoneWold Spirit (Skill)
Reaping Anteel72Ferronis Arsenal #2NoneHealing Mastery (Skill)
Desired Oruria86Hangar, Lower: Main GateNoneWild Tendencies (Skill)

Swordmarch Unique Monsters

Great Sword’s Hilt

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Fineblade Faltaar47Material Storage WarehouseNoneDino Flash (Art)

The Cavity

NameLevelLocationSpecial RequirementsSoulhacker
Heavenrazor Egreet90Shattered PathwayNoneGatling Peck (Art)
Seraphic Ceratinia120Shattered PathwayDefeat the other 4 superbosses, then discuss “Aionios’ Strongest” at a rest spotTransient Bond (Art)

With the full list of Unique Monsters at your fingertips, it’s time to start hunting and tackling the hardest monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.