All upgradeable skills in Rustler

You can sling poo to slow down enemies…uh what?

Image via Modus Games

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Rustler is an odd mix of a medieval simulator and old-school top-down Grand Theft Auto. On your journey, you’ll be upgrading your criminal with stat increases and perks. To be the very strongest on the street, you’ll need to bring the pain.

Throughout the game, you’ll find horseshoes that you can use to upgrade your character, Guy. To find the menu, press pause, options, or the ESC key and press A (or click) on “Skills.” From there, you’ll see the skill tree. If you ever decide to switch skills, you can reset what you have by pressing the X or square buttons or hovering your mouse over the bottom left text. It will cost you 100 gold, however.


  • Spongeguy (2 points)
    • Increases maximum HP by increments of 10% to a 30% maximum.
  • Hero of Might and Might (2 points)
    • Increases maximum dealt by increments of 5% up to 15%.
  • Lung Story Short (2 points)
    • Fighting and running costs 5% less stamina than previously. It can go all the way up to 15% when upgraded fully.
  • Plot Armor (8 points)
    • Fatal hits leaves Guy with 1HP, giving you one last chance rather than dying.
  • Reguyneration (3 points)
    • Restores 1% of maximum HP per second, up to 30% of maximum HP. However, when upgraded, it can restore up to 70% of maximum HP.


  • Boltslinger (2 points)
    • Crossbow reloads 10% faster, can be raised up to 30%.
  • Shit Motion (2 points)
    • Throwing poo at enemies slows them down by 10%, can be increased up to 30%.
  • Ammo Domini (8 points)
    • This bolsters your bolt capacity by 10. No further upgrades are available.
  • Zero Waste (8 points)
    • You may be able to retrieve a fired bolt from a dead body with this skill unlocked.
  • Run and Gun (10 points)
    • With this skill, you can reload crossbows while running. Keep in mind this doesn’t work with sprinting.


  • Horselifting (8 points)
    • Unlocking this skill will allow you to pick up items even if you’re on horseback.
  • Secretariat (2 points)
    • Horses regenerate stamina 10% faster, can be upgraded up to 30%.
  • Horse Whisperer (6 points)
    • By default, Guy can ride with average horses with no issues whatsoever. However, this skill allows Guy to keep riding fast horses rather than falling off.
  • Red Dead Rejection (8 points)
    • You can now attack persuers with a back kick from the horse by performing a U-Turn.
  • The Fifth Horseman (10 points)
    • Pressing Tab (or down on a controller’s D-Pad) lets you summon a horse to you. This sounds very useful but it’s definitely expensive.


  • Groupie (2 points)
    • Hiring a bard costs 33% less gold. It is upgraded by increment of 33% until there is no cost whatsoever.
  • All Good in the Wood(s) (8 points)
    • Your wanted level decreases faster whenever Guy’s in a wooded area. Stay in the trees to avoid the guards (cops).
  • Gods’ Favourite Guy (2 points)
    • You will find 10% more ammo and gold and if you fully upgrade this skill, you’ll get a sweet 30% bonus.
  • My Uncle’s a Sergeant (8 points)
    • This costly skill lets you keep your weapons even if you get caught by the guards.
  • Sugar Baby (3 points)
    • This sweet skill gives you a 10% discount at shops, up to 50% when fully upgraded.