All Velociprey item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Seek this monster out for excellent starting Master Rank armor.

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The Velociprey in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has made its way into the Jungle. You can find them running between the trees or enjoying the superb beaches. Although, don’t get too close to these monsters as they have a nasty bite, but if you take out enough of them, their resources could be used back at Elgado Outpost. In this guide, we’re going to cover all Velociprey item drops and percentages in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All Velociprey material drops

The Velociprey appears first in the Jungle region, and it’s the only area you can find it. The Jungle location becomes available to you as you start the Sunbreak expansion and is an area you thoroughly explore close to the beginning. The Velociprey will appear all over the island, in the western part, and inside the center cave.

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Velociprey drop a handful of valuable items, which you can bring to Elgado Outpost’s smithy. The armor for this creature is extremely good, although the weapon might vary depending on what you’re using.

These are all of the materials you can receive from taking down Velociprey.

  • Velociprey Shard: 48% from carves
  • Velociprey Thickhide: 32% from carves
  • Tough Claw: 20% from carves
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There’s a good chance you can receive the Velociprey Shard when you take down at least one or two of these creatures, but the other materials have lower chances of happening because these creatures exclusively appear in the Jungle; finding them is simple. However, if you’d prefer to hunt larger prey, we recommend having your buddies go out on Master Rank missions to obtain these materials.