All visor cosmetics in Among Us

Decorate every part of your Impostor.

Image via Innersloth

For a long time, Among Us had only two categories of cosmetics (not counting pets), and you were stuck deciding what hat and what outfit skin your Impostor or Crewmate would wear in games. Now, a new category of cosmetics that are focused on decorating or completely covering your visor have been added to the game. Some of these are past hat cosmetics that have been altered for the new category, but others are completely new.

Like other cosmetics, these can be unlocked within the various cosmicubes or bought in the shop. Here is a full list of every single current visor cosmetic in Among Us.

Image via Innersloth
  • Angry Eyebrows
  • Beard
  • Blocks Toxics (Hazmat mask)
  • Bombastic
  • Clown Nose
  • Dadgum (piece of straw)
  • Dig Down Goggles
  • Dot Dot Dot
  • Double Monocles
  • Galeforce Whiskers
  • Ghostly Mustache
  • Got My Eye On You
  • Great Goalie
  • GUD Nametag
  • Handlebar Mustache
  • Happeh
  • Heimerdinger’s Mustache
  • Helmelted (lava)
  • Hit The Slopes (ski goggles)
  • Icicle Tears
  • Inventor Goggles
  • Jinx’s Goggles
  • Krieghaus
  • Lollipop
  • Masque’d Up
  • Mr. G
  • My Name Geoff (Geoff Keighley mask)
  • Note 2 Self
  • Oh You
  • Passcard
  • Patched Eye
  • Pencil Mustache
  • Pierced
  • Plagued
  • Reginald Stache
  • Riding Shotgun
  • Right Hand Stache
  • Safe Not Sorry
  • Safety First
  • Scarred
  • Shades
  • Shop Here
  • Spectacles
  • Sunglasses
  • That’s A Wrap
  • Tiny Specs
  • Visor crack
  • Wash Me
  • Wurm