All visual tasks in Among Us

Watch closely as these tasks are completed to figure out who the imposter is, before it’s too late.

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Image via Steam

Visual tasks in Among Us are simply ones that are visible to other crewmates. Why is this important? Someone completing a task is immediate evidence that they are not the imposter. Knowing which tasks have physical visual effects is important because if someone does one of these tasks they are innocent, and if someone fakes one of these tasks, they are the imposter. It should also be noted that the visual effects for these tasks can be turned off by the host. Make sure to check and note whether or not the visual effects are on before entering the game, so you’re as aware as possible as crewmates complete them.

Empty garbage

On the map The Skeld, empty garbage is located in the cafeteria as well as storage. Players must pull the lever on the side of the screen to empty the garbage and hold it until it is completely empty. Usually, all of the garbage is leaves, with some treasures hidden within them, but they are unimportant and don’t actually have any value in the game. When this task is complete and visual effects are turned on, the garbage can be seen emptying out of the cute on the other side of the wall. The same visual effect can be seen in storage and the cafeteria.

Empty chute

This one is also found on the map The Skeld and has an identical visual effect to the empty garbage tasks. This one is located in O2 and storage. The task is basically identical to empty garbage, being full of leaves with occasional treasure. Just pull and hold the lever until it is empty.

Submit scan

This task can be found on the maps The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus. The player must stand on a capsule-like platform that scans them and a hologram is shown for around 10 seconds. While the scan is happening, the hologram is visible to all players in the area. Meaning if someone isn’t really doing it, there will be nothing to see. This is an easy way to clear an innocent player.

Clear asteroids

This task is available on The Skeld, Mira HQ, and Polus and is located in the weapons area in The Skeld and Polus, and in the balcony on Mira HQ. To complete the task, players must click on asteroids until they take out a total of 20. The current number of asteroids shot is shown on the bottom screen during the completion of the task. The barrel of the turret nearby can be seen firing a laser with every shot, proving a player’s innocence to anyone standing nearby.

Prime shields

This task is available on The Skeld and is located inside of the shield area. Players must click on all of the red hexagons until a random unknown amount is clicked. This repeats until all hexagons are gray. Upon completion, the lights on the bottom of the ship will turn yellow. Though this task can be completed by multiple crewmates, the yellow lights will only turn on one time. So pay attention before watching a crewmate complete the task to be sure they actually did it.