All Walking Mausoleum locations in Elden Ring – where to find all the walking churches

These Walking Mausoleums are extremely useful, and you can find them all.

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The Walking Mausoleums are extremely useful in Elden Ring. When you get them down to the ground, you’ll be able to duplicate your Remembrances, which let you select one of two boss weapons one of the epic enemies used against you. Unfortunately, there are not the same amount of Walking Mausoleums as there are Remembrances, so you will need to wisely select the ones you want to duplicate. This guide will detail all Walking Mausoleum locations in Elden Ring.

There are seven that you can find.

All Walking Mausoleum locations

Weeping Peninsula

One of the first Walking Mausoleums you can find will be in the west of the Weeping Peninsula, south of Limgrave.

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When you make your way past Stormveil castle, there will be three in the Liurnia region. One of them will be to the northeast of the Academy.

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The second and third ones are close to each other, to the west of the Minor Erdtree. One will walk around to the north and then another to the south.

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Deeproot Depths

In the Deeproot Depths, which you can access after reaching Nokron, Eternal City, you’ll find it close to The Nameless Eternal City site of grace.

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Mountaintop of the Giants

After gaining access to the Mountaintop of the Giants, you’ll need to progress further north and reach Castle Sol. Right outside of the Castle will be the Walking Mausoleum.

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Consecrated Snowfield

The final Walking Mausoleum will be in the Consecrated Snowfield region, which you can access after using the Haligtree Secret Medallion on the Grand Lift of Rold.