All weapon buffs and nerfs in Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry

How is this season treating your favorite firearm?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Any time there is a new season approaching in Apex Legends, you can expect there to be some changes to the weapons you can find around the place. The top-performing guns can see some nerfs, while the bottom dwellers receive some buffs to put them back in contention. Give it some time and the players will find the most exploitable and powerful weapons as the season goes on. In the meantime, here are all of the weapon buffs and nerfs that will happen at the start of Season 16: Revelry in Apex Legends.

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All weapon changes in Apex Legends Season 16: Revelry

There are quite a few changes to shift through at the start of Season 16: Revelry in Apex Legends. One of the more notable nerfs is that all assault rifles have significantly reduced hip-fire accuracy. Spraying and praying will not be as useful for you in battles. Additionally, a legendary tier Shotgun Bolt has been added to floor loot and crafters that will automatically reload your gun when you go to slide. The Rampage is out of care packages, while the Hemlok is in. The Longbow and Volt are in the crafter with the G7 Scout and C.A.R. not available there anymore. Here are the buffs and nerfs to your weapons:


  • Base ammo capacity reduced to 19 from 20


  • Projectile size at close range is larger


  • Damage increased to 23 from 20
  • Headshot multiplier increased to 1.8 from 1.75
  • Better recoil
  • Boosted Loader Hop-Up has faster reloads with low ammo and gives nine extra rounds


  • Spread pattern has been tightened
  • Tactical Stocks attachment will improve handling and reload speed
  • Projectile size at close range is larger


  • Tactical Stocks attachment has been added here as well
  • Projectile size at close range is larger


  • Damage decreased to 13 from 14


Damage increased to 12 from 11


  • Damage reduced to 26 from 28
  • Doesn’t auto-energize when picked up anymore
  • Energy decay is slower when not firing