Apex Legends celebrates its birthday with free Legends and a sweet batch of Heirloom Shards up for the taking

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event rewards you just for showing up.


Screenshot via Apex Legends’ YouTube channel

A new trailer detailing the Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event has been released, showing off the myriad of rewards players can get just from logging into the game each day for two weeks. In addition to 24 time-limited cosmetics, players can also get their hands on 150 Heirloom Shards at no additional cost.

The Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event kicks off on February 14 and runs until February 28. From February 14 to 21, players who log in each day will get the Legend Crypto and a Thematic Pack. While the reward for logging in daily from February 21 to 28 is Legend Ash and a Thematic Pack. Both Legends are permanent unlocks, making it worth the effort of logging into the game daily, even if you don’t play a single match. EA has confirmed that you’ll still get the Thematic Packs even if you already own each Legend.

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The event starts at 10 AM PT on February 14 and ends at 9:59 AM PT on February 28, and there’s so much more than two Legends to earn. Players who collect the daily login bonuses can also access 150 Heirloom Shards, which are used to purchase items from the Heirlooms Store for free and collect rewards from a new Community-Created Rewards Track. As the name suggests, this rewards track features in-game rewards created by community members. You’ll only be able to unlock these by completing challenges during the anniversary event, so don’t delay playing if you want to collect them all. Some of these rewards include squad-based cosmetics, allowing you and your friends to wear matching skins when playing together in order to show the enemy just how coordinated you are.

This event marks the fourth anniversary of Apex Legends’ release. In 2019, the game was launched without any buildup. It was simply dropped into digital storefronts by developer Respawn Entertainment. The game’s unique squad-based battle royale gameplay was a hit with players immediately, and the title has only gone from strength to strength in the four short years since its release.