All weapon types in My Time at Sandrock

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My Time at Sandrock is a game that focuses on wholesome fun in a post-apocalyptic world. Players live their lives as a Builder and have to complete various commissions from the citizens and management of the town to help improve their lives and Sandrock. Building, crafting, harvesting resources, and interacting with the locals is the majority of the game; however, sometimes, the world’s peace is interrupted by angry enemies. To defeat them, players will have to engage in combat, and the weapon often dictates the type of combat.

Sword and Shield

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The first weapon you’ll come across in My Time at Sandrock. The Sword and Shield is a tried and tested method of fighting. It provides defensive and offensive stats, meaning you can dish out the damage you need to while avoiding premature death at the hands of your foes.


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Large and able to do a ton of damage, the Greatsword is a trusty companion for anyone looking to get into a fight. The Greatsword is a much slower weapon than the Sword and Shield, but its high damage output makes up for the slow swing. Make sure to incorporate your dodges to avoid your own HP and Break Bar decreasing during a fight.

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This weapon is huge, slow, and hits like a truck. The Hammer is the best weapon for lowering the Break Bar of your enemies. This is great for more challenging enemies, but the slow attack rate makes it difficult to play with if your foe is fast. You’ll need to time your dodges to avoid damage.


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The Spear combines reach, damage, and multi-attacks. As a result, it’s an excellent weapon for players who prefer to keep their enemies at arm’s reach. The first attack does massive damage, and the rapid multi-attack that follows after will quickly eviscerate your enemies as needed.


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While the general damage output of the Dagger is low, it is the fastest attacking weapon in the game. It destroys the Break Bars of the enemy very quickly, and once the Break Bar is down, it does multitudes of damage in a short time. Combining it with your Dodges will ensure that you can stay alive longer.

Long Ranged

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The Handgun is the first ranged weapon you’ll be given. Headshots do a lot more damage than other shots. There are six rounds per chamber, and players need to click to reload the gun once the chamber is empty. Players need to press the default bound “Q” key to access the ranged-firing screen.