How to upgrade your Workshop in My Time at Sandrock

Everyone needs a space to live.

Image via Pathea Games

The Workshop in My Time at Sandrock is where players can call home and go when they need to rest their heads after a long day at work. It’s where your bed is and a place to store your pets and furniture. Furniture in My Time at Sandrock is a vital tool for boosting your stats and making your home look as snazzy as possible.

Of course, the issue with wanting a lot of furniture in your home is that you must have enough space. When starting your time out in Sandrock, your Workshop is a small cramped space that has quite frankly seen better days. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll run out of floor space quite quickly as soon as you start looking into sprucing the space up a bit.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

To upgrade your Workshop, you’ll need to head into town itself. Next to the City Hall is the Construction Junction, owned and managed by Heidi. Inside the store, you’ll find the till where you can buy certain construction materials that you’ll need, but to upgrade your Workshop and Assembly Platform, you’ll need to look for the Construction Junction Manual. This manual is located near the door of the building on the desk.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Opening his manual will also open a separate screen that gives you a bird’s eye view of your current Workshop and available space. Here you can shift your buildings around, placing them in more advantageous locations if you have the yard space to do so. If you’re looking to upgrade your bigger buildings, you’ll need to look for the double up-arrow icon. This will then allow you to access the upgrade menu for your Workshop. For example, the first upgrade will require the following materials:

20 x Stone SlateCrafted at your Processor. To make 1x Stone Slate you’ll need 2 Bricks which are forged in your Furnace. You can also get them from Recycling your Stone Scrap, but it’s only a low chance.
10x Wooden BoardsCrafted in the Processor. You’ll need 5x Wood for one Wooden Board.
10 x Copper ScrewsCrafted at the Grinder in pairs. 1x Copper Bar will provide you with a pair of Copper Screws.

You’ll also need to invest a large amount of Gols into upgrading your Workshop. For your first upgrade, the amount you’ll need to invest is 1000 Gols, and it will only scale upwards with every upgrade you make.