All weapons in Halo Infinite

The classics are back, but there’s some new stuff as well.

Image via 343 Industries

The Halo series has a distinct feel to its weapons. It doesn’t matter what game you play in the series; when you fire a gun in Xbox’s biggest franchise, you can tell the difference between that and any other first-person shooter on the market. With Halo Infinite, 343 Industries has paid a lot of attention to making sure all weapons in the game look and feel better than ever before. Here are all weapons in Halo Infinite.

Note: Some of these weapons have not been playable yet, only announced as of this writing. We will update this post with more information on them.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The battle rifle has been a constant in the Halo series since the first game. The three-burst gun is great for hitting headshots from medium to longer ranges with its scope and is most synonymous with the Swat game mode.


The Cindershot is a grenade launcher that puts out dancing rounds that explode on impact. Hitting enemies from range will be tough, but the damage is nice.

CQS48 Bulldog

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Bulldog may be a different shotgun than Halo players are used to, but it meets the same purpose as its predecessor. The shotgun in the past has always been a pump-action weapon, but this one has a seven-shell clip. Besides that change, it is still a lethal weapon in close-quarter situations.


The Disruptor is a sidearm for the Banished. This pistol fires quick rounds of electricity that will transfer to nearby enemies if they are close enough.

Energy Sword

One of the most iconic Halo weapons, the sword is a fast and lethal melee weapon. Locking onto an enemy when you strike will have you go into a lunge that quickly chases them down and eliminate them.

Gravity Hammer

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Gravity Hammer has returned. This stick has lethal damage when you directly strike someone but has a blast effect when you connect, so it will damage nearby enemies as well and knock them back.


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The Heatwave fires six energy blasts at once in a line. Pressing the aim down sights button will swap the line between a horizontal and vertical formation. These energy balls bounce off of walls, so even if you miss the target on your initial shot, there is a chance that it can come back at them.


The Hydra fires out explosive rounds that are not the most lethal but can deal quite a bit of damage. The resulting explosion might throw an enemy’s aim off, though, giving you the advantage.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The SPNKR is the new name for this game’s rocket launcher. While it has a new name, it is essentially the same launcher that you grew up with. It holds two rockets at a time, and anyone caught in its blast radius is dead meat.


Screenshot by Gamepur

This assault rifle has been one of the main weapons in every single Halo game. It is most effective from short to medium range and is best used with some kind of combo. Melee, grenades, or swapping to another weapon to finish enemies off faster are common combos.


The Mangler is a revolver that has very good damage for a sidearm but has a slow fire rate and not the greatest accuracy.

MK50 Sidekick

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The Sidekick is the UNSC pistol in Halo Infinite. It has a pretty good fire rate and is perfect for finishing off enemies that are low on health when you need to reload your primary weapon.


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The Needler is the most unique weapon that the Halo series made in its beginning days. It is best at the medium range with great tracking projectiles and a quick fire rate. Land seven needles into an enemy, and they will explode.

Plasma Pistol

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The Plasma Pistol is weak on its own but can be combined with other weapons to make one of the strongest combos in any Halo game. When you charge up its shot, anyone hit by the blast will have their shields instantly zapped. Quickly swap to the AR or BR and finish them off.

Pulse Carbine

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The Pulse Carbine is different from the Pulse Rifle Halo fans are used to. It fires out a three-burst energy shot, and like other Covenant weapons, cannot be reloaded. Instead, it relies on an overall battery ammo. Fire it too much, though, and it will overheat.


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The Ravager fires arcing shots that explode on contact. Charging up a shot will lob a blast that covers the ground in red energy to damage enemies over time if they are inside it. Careful where you are, though, because that area will damage you too if you walk into it.

S7 Sniper

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This sniper is essentially the same one you have played in previous Halo games. It has the best scope in the game that can be magnified, is lethal when you hit headshots, and is one of the best tests of a player’s skill in the game.

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam fires out a continuous energy beam that burns away enemies it comes into contact with.

Shock Rifle

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The Shock Rifle is a Banished weapon that is best at medium to long ranges. It fires out an electrifying shot that can transfer from one player to another if they are bunched up close enough. It has decent accuracy and damage as well. Hitting headshots will get you some quick kills.


Screenshot by Gamepur

The Skewer is a powerhouse weapon that is best used on vehicles. One shot from it can destroy a Ghost and a Warthog. If you hit a player with it, you will kill them as well, but the smaller targets are tougher to hit.

Stalker Rifle

Image via 343 Industries

The Stalker Rifle is likely the Banished’s sniper rifle. As of this writing, we are unsure how it will stand out from others, but it will probably have electric shots if it’s like the Disruptor and Shock Rifle.

VK78 Commando

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The Commando is a nice midway point between the AR and BR. It has a scope, decent damage, and is fully automatic, although with a slower fire rate than the AR. The versatility of this weapon makes it pretty good in most situations, but not the best in any of them.