All weapons used in crafting in Warframe – full list of weapons and what they make

Up your arsenal.


Warframe is filled with a huge assortment of weapons for you to use. Primary, secondary, and melee weapons can all be constructed and used in your loadout. Some weapons will need other weapons as part of their crafting recipe. Below, you will find a full list of the weapons you need to make these weapons. Keep in mind, you will also need other resources to build them as well.

Before you build any of the weapons, it is a good idea to fully rank up the recipe weapons, even if you do not plan on using them, so that you get all the Mastery Rank associated with that weapon.

Whenever you need two of the same weapon, you only need to rank up one of them, as you only get Mastery Rank the first time you rank a weapon. It is a little annoying, however, as you can only build the weapons one at a time in Foundry, adding to the overall build time of the finished weapon.

Recipe WeaponsFinished Weapon
2x BoltoAkbolto
2x BroncoAkbronco
2x Bronco PrimeAkbronco Prime
2x CestraDual Cestra D
2x FurisAfuris
2x GrakataTwin Grakatas
2x KamaDual Kamas
2x Kohmak DTwin Kohmak B
2x KrohkurTwin Krohkur D
2x Lex MAklex
2x Lex PrimeAklex Prime V
2x MagnusAkmagnus
2x VastoAkvasto
2x Vasto PrimeAkvasto Prime
2x ViperTwin Vipers
Akbolto + Dual Skana Akjagara
Akstiletto DAksomati
Akstiletto DSarpa
AmphisSydon D
Ankyros + Dual CleaversRipkas
Atomos + Dual Zoren Twin Basolk
Bo + Kunai Tipedo
Bolto + ViperHystrix
Boltor + Kronen Boltace
Broken WarWar
CernosMutalist Cernos
Dual Cleavers + AnkyrosRipkas
Dual KamasDual Raza D
Dual SkanaDark Split-Sword D
Dual Skana + Akbolto Akjagara
Dual Skana + Vasto Redeemer
Dual Zoren + Atomos Twin Basolk
Hikou + Miter Panthera
Kronen + Boltor Boltace
Kunai + Bo Tipedo
Lato MBolto
Miter + Hikou Panthera
Nikana DDragon Nikana
NinkondiShaku D
Vasto + Dual Skana Redeemer
Viper + BoltoHystrix