An easy gold boost and how to spend it in Vampire Survivors

A classic throwback makes a modern burden lighter.

Image via Poncle

Vampire Survivors has taken many players by storm with its more casual approach towards roguelikes and hordes of the undead. While all unholy abominations constantly besiege players, they must also search for breakable items on levels and chests to supplement an ever-meager treasury.

For players just starting, the title can appear daunting. A lack of upgrades purchasable in the main menu due to a meager gold supply can hinder the first few runs as players struggle to get a bankroll. This can actually be solved thanks to a famous code that has been ingrained in many gamers since the dawn of video games.

The classic Konami code offers players 2800 gold to help get a few purchases underway, regardless of how far into the title you’ve gotten.

At the main menu, enter ‘Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, ESC, Enter.’ Much how unlocking Exdash in Vampire Survivors works, players will need to enter this quickly for it to work. You can verify it works by looking at the gold balance in the top center of the screen — 2800 gold is difficult to miss.

With this newfound stash to supplement the bank, the question is what to spend it on. Players can unlock all characters with the coin and still have a bit left. Frankly, they tend to come quick enough. Many find the fourth character, Gennaro Belpaese, extremely strong because of his ability to add an additional projectile to all weapons.

Conversely, moving immediately through the upgrade tree can be helpful in all subsequent runs. It might help players in mid to late-game (around the ten-minute mark, onwards), especially if weapon evolutions aren’t dropping as desired. Luck comes into play consistently, offering additional options in chests when it procs.

Remember that the Konami code can only be used once. You spend your gold; it’s gone forever.