Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey – How to Mate and Breed


Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey relies on continuing the clan to insure survival and continue evolutionary progress. Sure you could unlock new skills and abilities, but that’s only part of the game. How are you supposed to get this clan from primitive ape to human if you don’t pass on those genes earned through the gameplay?

The game programmed in mating for a reason. To continue the clan’s progress, you must mate the apes in the tribe. Character death is permanent, so if players avoid this mechanic, they may find their clan dwindling quickly.

How to Mate and Breed in Ancestors:

Regardless of whether the ape you’re playing is male or female, you have to woo your potential partner to become a couple. These are simple apes and require a reliable grooming session to improve the bond with them.

The first step is to find a potential mate. You’ll have the ability to analyze your clan members. When you do, information, including their name, gender, and possible mate pop up. From there, groom them to increase your bond. You’ll probably need to switch back and forth to maximize the relationship between them. Once that bond is maxed out, they’ll become coupled.

From there, have your mate follow you to your leafy nest and lie down. You now have the option to mate. The camera pans to the sky briefly, to provide our early ancestors some privacy.

According to IGN, you can also use your senses to check on your mate. If they’re female, you can see if they are fertile. Fertile females help determine when you can successfully breed. Their guide seems to imply that only then will the mate option show up.

Now that you know how to woo all our very hairy ape ancestors go groom all the potential mates and see where evolution takes you.