Anniversary Sync Pair Lillie and Lunala moves in Pokémon Masters EX

Finally, a strong Ghost-type Sync Pair is in the game.

Image via DeNa

The Two-Year anniversary rally is introducing Lillie and Lunala in Pokémon Masters EX as the featured Sync Pair. The Ghost-type unit is a Special Striker that packs a lot of damage. The Sync Pair’s kit is pretty easy to execute and doesn’t require a definitive setup to shine.

Lillie and Lunala moveset

Much like Steven and Rayquaza, Lillie and Lunala have four passive skills, which are mentioned below-

  • Alola Flag Bearer: Increases the power level of ally Sync Pairs’ moves by 10% and reduces the move damage taken by 10%. Furthermore, for each additional Hoenn Sync Pair in your team, the power level of moves increases by 10% (upto 30%), and damage taken by enemy moves is reduced by 3% (upto 26%). 
  • Healthy Benefits 5: Reduces the damage of the opponent when struck by a regular or Sync move.
  • Super Preparation 4: Has a 50% chance of making the next attack super effective if the current one successfully lands on the foes.
  • Rejuvenate 6: Replenishes the move gauge by 6 bars after using Sync move.

Lillie and Lunala moves are as follows-

  • Moongeist Beam (4-gauge move): Deals damage between 160-192 and ignores all defensive barriers.
  • Potion (2 usages): Replenishes an ally’s HP by 40% of max health.
  • Moonblast (3-gauge move): Deals damage between 98-117 and has a 30% chance of reducing the target’s Sp.Atk by one rank.
  • Shinning Moonlight (1 usage): Increases the user’s Sp.Atk by six and Critical-Hit Rate by three ranks.
  • Shining Hope Moongeist Beam (Sync move): Deals damage between 250-300.

Lillie and Lunala have insane single target damage, which requires minimal setup. The Sync Pair also has access to potions, making it a very flexible unit. There are hardly any drawbacks to using Lillie and Lunala, and it is one of the most robust Ghost-type units in the game.

Should you pull for Lillie and Lunala

There are very few Ghost-type Sync Pairs in the game, making Lillie and Lunala top tier. Furthermore, the unit is very effective on its own and doesn’t demand a dedicated team composition. Players looking for a strong Ghost-type should pull for Lillie and Lunala as it can help them clear many complex events that require Ghost-type units.