Anno 1800 – How To Set Fields

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Success in Anno 1800 comes from having a happy population and meeting their needs. To do this, you need farms, and farms need fields! If you build a potato farm or a pig farm, you will need to set up for fields for them to work in. This isn’t explain that well in the game, so this guide will show you how to do it.

How To Set Fields In Anno 1800

How To Set Fields

Once you have built your farm, you need to build a road to it and ensure there is a Storehouse nearby where it can send goods. The final part is to set fields for the farm to work.

To do this, click on the farm. A small menu will open in the bottom right of the screen. On the left side of this menu, you will see a small button with a picture of a field on it. I have highlighted it with a red circle in the image above.

Click on this to begin setting the fields. For crop farms, you simply drag the cursor across the screen to set the fields the same way you would if you were building roads. Just make sure that the fields and the farm are touching.

For farms that raise animals, you need to place individual smaller fields and are restricted to placing them in a circular area around the farm, as shown in the image above. I find it best to place these fields in the smallest footprint possible, as no matter how much space you think you have, a few hours into the game you are going to be trying to maximize every square inch of it.

That’s it, everything you need to know to set fields in Anno 1800. Best of luck exploring the world and building your empire!