Anno 1800 – How To Create Charter Routes

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Playing Anno 1800, you rapidly realize that islands can’t produce everything you might need for success. You need to settle new islands, places that can produce the resources that you need. You then need to transfer these resources between islands, to make sure everyone has what they need. You don’t really want to waste your ships doing this, as they are better served by sailing Trade Routes between your islands, and the various AI players on the map. This is where Charter Routes come in.

How To Create Charter Routes

Charter Routes

You can only create Charter Routes between islands that you own. It is a good idea to do this instead of using Trade Routes as it will keep your ships free for more important things. There is a set price of $50 for each time a Charter Route is used, so make sure you have enough money coming in to cover the costs of them. This price is not impacted by the volume of goods that you are moving.

To set up your Charter Route, click on the Routes button in the bottom left side of the screen, the pick Charter Route from the menu. The first step is to select the item you want to transport. In the picture above, I have selected to move the Hops from my smaller village Gretelwald to my main city of Ditchwater.

I simply click on Gretelwald to make it my pick-up Harbor, then Ditchwater to make that my destination Harbor. To do this, just click on them on the map. After that, I set the amount of the resource I wish to transport, and then click on Charter. The Charter Route is now set up, with some random in-game shipping company transporting the goods for me.

Charter Routes are an excellent way to make sure that each one of your islands have everything it requires to meet the Needs and Happiness requirements of the population.