Anno 1800 – Release Time, Pre-load Details, And Minimum Specs


Anno 1800, the new city-builder game from Ubisoft is very nearly upon us! Reviews started to arrive this morning, and the game appears to be impressing people, including me. I loved my time with it, and am by no means done building the best cities I can. If you are interested in the game and want to know when exactly it will be available, we have just the information you are looking for.

Anno 1800 Release Time

Release Time

For release times, Ubisoft has provided the useful map shown above. It will show you the release time for your region.

Pre-load Details

For people who are looking to preload the game, the pre-load for digital pre-orders is available from 11th April 2019 3:00 PM UTC on Uplay PC, Epic Games Store and Steam.

Minimum and Recommended Specs

Minimum and Recommended Specs

If you are curious about how much PC you need to run it, the above imagine details the recommended specs for various quality settings. I have been playing the game at 1440p on an i7 3970x and an RTX 2070, and for the most part, it has been fine. There has been some slowdown when I make the screen extremely busy, but nothing too serious.

There are a lot of animations involved in this game (seriously, when you play to make sure you zoom in and watch some of them), so you may need to play around with your settings a bit to find the best ones for your build.