How Do Anthem’s Alliances Work?

The alliance system in Anthem was made for you and your friends to benefit from doing missions together. The more often you team up with those you have on your friend’s list, the more experience and Coins (Anthem’s in-game currency) you earn. It’s a useful system but gets poorly explained.

Here’s how all of it works and how you can benefit the most from this system.

How Do Anthem’s Alliances Work?

Friends and Alliance Experience Points

Your alliance is made up of everyone on your friend list. For PC players, this is everyone on your Origin account. For Xbox One, it’s everyone on your Xbox Friends. And for those on PlayStation, it’s everyone you’re friends with on your PlayStation Network account.

After the end of each mission, you and the members of your party earn alliance experience points. These points go into the alliance, and if you receive enough, you go up a tier. These tiers determine how many coins you and the other members in your alliance earn. You, your expedition party members, and those on your friend’s list help add to this total. However, friends can only add to your total when you’re in a party with them. In a party, your friends give you an additional alliance experience point boost when you complete expeditions together.

Alliance Tiers

Every player has their own alliance tier. If you’re playing more than friends, chances are you’re going to have a higher alliance score before the end of the week.

There are ten levels of alliance tiers for you and your friends to advance through. Each one requires more experience points than the previous level. The higher of an alliance level you and your friends reach before the Monday of a new week, the more coins you all earn. You’ll know when you’ve advanced an alliance tier at the end of an expedition screen. Every level you go up, you receive an immediate reward of Coins.

Tracking Alliance Tiers

There are two methods to keep track of how your alliance tier compared to your friends. The first is in the launch bay. On the right side of the launch bay, you can go up to a small stall to view it. There other is over by Lucky Jak. You’ll find a small set of scales in front of Jak’s station. Clicking this brings up the Weekly Alliance Status menu. Unfortunately, you cannot view this menu from the main menu or your journal.

In the Weekly Alliance Status menu, you’ll also see how much in coins you’re going to receive when the system resets, which is on the Monday of every week. You’ll find this total on the bottom left of your screen. You can also see how many Coins your friends are going to receive, on the right side of their tab in the alliance menu. If you’re wondering how much longer you have to earn tiers, you can see the reset timer on the upper left of the Weekly Alliance Status screen.