Anthem: How To Clean And Customize Javelin

Are you tired of the appearance of your Javelin in Anthem? This quick guide will explain how to clean your armor and possibly modify it and make it more enjoyable to the eye. Cleanliness is not an invasion of the character. You can change the body, the arms, the legs, and even the colors and the painting and add or remove the vinyl.

How to Clean and Customize Javelin in Anthem

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To clean your armor, you need to go to the Wear State option in the Appearance tab. At the beginning of your journey with your Javelin, you will only have access to Old and Dirty. However, you can unlock Standard and Clean, the latter of which makes your armor look shiny and new.

To unlock the Clean option, you need to farm some Reputation. You need to reach Freelancer Reputation Level 2 to unlock the Clean option in the Wear State menu. That’s How To Clean Your Armor In Anthem.

To make your Javelin look as clean as possible, you’ll have to change three settings: “Vinyls,” “Wear State,” and “Paint.”


  • Vinyl allows you to add logos and other images to your Javelin. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t pristine and look faded. Luckily, you can remove them altogether by launching the Forge, then pressing right bumper on your controller to go to “Appearance,” and then selecting Vinyls.
  • Once there, select the “None” option which is represented by the block sign. This will remove all faded stickers from your armor.
  • If you like vinyls, you should skip this step and move onto the next.

Wear State

  • The Wear State of your armor is one of the most important settings to make it look clean. Luckily, below the Vinyls option, you’ll see Wear State. Clicking on Wear State will show you different damage effects.
  • Instead of “Dirty” or “Old,” you should select “Standard.” This should remove the majority of scratches and dents from your Javelin. The Standard option only appears after you’ve completed the first few missions and spoken with some of the characters in “Fort Tarsis.”
  • Anthem allows for an unprecedented amount of customization so changing the Wear State isn’t enough. Some of the paints and materials look worn and damaged.


  • Below Wear State and “Animations,” you’ll see the Paint set. If you click on it, it’ll allow you to change the materials and paints used on your Javelin.
  • A lot of the paints are either Old or “Aged,” so you want to select the one with the least amount of damage. This is called “Clean Metallic.”
  • Not only does Clean Metallic give you a least-scratched look, but it also glistens under the sun.
  • At this point, you want to go through “Primary Hard,” “Secondary Hard,” “Tertiary Hard,” “Primary Soft,” “Secondary Soft,” and “Tertiary Soft,” and change them all to Clean Metallic.
  • You can also adjust the color to whatever you like, we chose a shade of yellow and black for our Javelin, but all the colors work.

This is all you need to know about how to customize your Javelin in Anthem.