Anthem – When Are The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Resets?

Anthem, like all looter-shooters, wants you to keep playing the game and chasing loot. It is filled with daily, weekly and monthly challenges for you to do. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell you when these challenges reset. We have you covered though, all three reset times are detailed below.

Anthem Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Resets

Below you will find Anthem’s daily, weekly and monthly reset times.

Daily Resets

Anthem should reset daily at the following times.

  • 12PM BST
  • 1PM CET
  • 4AM PST
  • 7AM EST

Weekly Resets

Anthem should reset weekly at the following times.

  • Tuesday 12PM BST
  • Tuesday 1PM CET
  • Tueday 4AM PST
  • Tueday 7AM EST

Monthly Resets

Anthem should reset monthly on the following dates.

  • Tuesday 5th March12PM BST
  • Tuesday 5th March 1PM CET
  • Tuesday 5th March 4AM PST
  • Tuesday 5th March 7AM EST

When different resets occur at the same time, they will roll up into singular updates, with all the challenges ticking over at the same time. We can also assume that the monthly reset will occur on the first Tuesday of each month, although this has yet to be confirmed by Bioware.

If anything changes about the Anthem resets, or new information comes to light, we will update this guide accordingly! We have lots of other Anthem guides, if you need help with other aspects of the game. From how to equip banners, stopping the kidnapper Escari, and how to farm Masterwork equipment. Our Guide section is filled with detailed and helpful guides to assist you in getting the most fun from Anthem.