7 Best Anthem Tips To Level Up Fast & Get Most XP | Anthem Level Up Guide

To play in the best way and observe the most exciting things in Anthem, you need good leveling. The natural leveling through the countryside is very slow and unpleasant. Once you get to level 10, they will start to drop the spoils, and everything will become more complicated especially because the most interesting things are after level 30.

How To Level Up Fast & Get Most XP In Anthem

Here then how to increase your level quickly and without wasting too much energy.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #1: Don’t play alone

Anthem How To Level Up Fast

Anthem rewards you if you play with other people and this will allow you to receive XP bonuses through an alliance system quickly. For each teammate with whom you will finish a mission, you will receive a large amount of extra XP as a reward. The only problem comes when you are forced to play with strangers, and here you must be able to manage the situation better, hoping that others will do the same.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #2: Play everything you can manage on Hard

This will be most of the missions in the game. Once you’ve equipped a combo that you can complete solo on your Javelin—and know how to set it off reliably—you can blast through enemies on Hard mode almost as quickly as you can on normal. A couple of the big, crucial story missions will be tougher because of the significant number of enemies the game throws at you, but otherwise, don’t be shy about bumping up the difficulty. You will probably find yourself playing with high-level players because the endgame requires players to do a lot of Quickplay, which frequently matchmakes them into lower level games for bonus XP.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #3: Try to overcome as many challenges as possible

Anthem How To Level Up Fast

Within Anthem, there are mini challenges within each game mission. These guarantee some XP bonuses upon completion of the challenges. The challenges encourage you to do a little of everything: deploy XP to revive your teammates, trigger combos, perform multiple killings, discover weaknesses and more. Just open your inventory during a mission to see the progress you are making on each mission. Keep in mind that these challenges are reset to every mission, so you have to be careful. To try and get the best out of them you can follow them in free play.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #4: Spend time in Quickplay for more XP

Take part in the lightest games, where maybe the players are a bit more inexperienced. Help them to complete the mission, and you will receive many XP bonuses. You can also enter the game at the last moment, and it will be worth it to receive a few XP more, especially if it is a mission that you have already played. The important thing is to always play with friends, and by doing so, you can reach level 30 in a couple of hours.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #5: Prioritize legendary contracts

Once you complete the first batch of normal contracts, legendary contracts will unlock. They’re nothing too special, just difficult contracts with better drops, but you’ll also get more XP for completing them. You’ll know if a legendary contract is available if you see a purple contract icon on the map in Fort Tarsis. Once a legendary contract is completed, return to quickplay until another appears.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #6: Reinforcing Strongholds

This is the most effective method of gaining EXP and leveling up fast in Anthem. This is because, during Strongholds, you have a lot higher chance to get item drops and on a higher level. The best Stronghold is the second one, i.e., “Temple of the Scar” as it has two Treasure Chests, boss drops, and other potential drops from enemies. You can use an interesting trick to speed up the process. Once you reach a good enough Pilot Level, increase the difficulty before “Reinforcing Strongholds” as this will yield greater XP.

Anthem Level Up Fast Tip #7: Freeplay

Anthem How To Level Up Fast

This is a slow and simple way of leveling up fast in Anthem. Explore Bastion and see what different activities you can engage to power level through the game. You can gather resources for crafting and compete with other players in various events.

This is all you need to know about how to level up quickly on Anthem. Have fun!