Anthem – How To Equip Banners

Banners in Anthem are rewards that you earn from completing certain missions and contracts. They take the form of small cosmetics that sit behind your details on the squad screen, and liven up an otherwise dull bit of screen real estate. In this guide, we will run through how to equip them, and what they do.

How To Equip Banners In Anthem

Anthem Squad Screen

To equip a banner, you must first go to the mission select screen. Get into your suit, and it will pop up for you. From here, navigate to the Squad screen. Once on that screen, hover over your own name and press and hold the button to “Modify Banner”. This button prompt will be shown at the bottom of the screen.

A new screen will pop up that shows all the banners you have earned so far. Click on the one you want to apply. The banner should now pop up behind your name on the Squad screen, making it a little more interesting to look at.

What Are Banners And What Do They Do?

Banners seem to just be a cosmetic reward in the game, without any actual impact beyond that. They seem to be tied to certain contracts and challenges in the game, so will no doubt turn into a form of bragging rights within the community. As such, you definitely want to be showing off the banner you are most proud of on the Squad screen.