How To Kill a Titan in Anthem


The Titans in Anthem are fearsome foes who can soak up a bunch of damage, destroy an entire squad of well-equipped Freelancers, and then still walk away with a good chunk of their health. They’re incredible opponents to face. But there are small things you and your team in Anthem can do to bring one down.

The Impenetrable Titan

When you meet your first Titan, you might feel a little overwhelmed. The sturdy, bulletproof outer layer of this creature makes them invulnerable to damage from your weapons while they’re lumbering around. You can catch them with your Javelin’s ultimate and do damage when their outer layer of rocks are up, but you’re going to want to save it.

Best Time to Attack

You’ll find the best time to send fire and death to a Titan is when it’s attacking. When a Titan attacks, these tough scales lower and you’ll see small, distinctly orange glowing rocks all over its body, and on its back. The best orange bits to hit are on the monster’s chest and back. If you fire on those enough, you’ll notice the Titan’s health starting to go down at a much faster rate. It’s also the perfect time to fire out the ultimate you’ve been sitting on because you didn’t use it when the creature’s defenses were up.

Do not get carried away, however. The only reason you see these weak points is because the creature is attacking you. During this time, you’ll want to dodge as much as possible while you’re attacking. If you stay in one place for too long, the Titan has enough firepower to one-shot you with a well-timed attack, if you’re unlucky.

Later Attacks

Once you and your squad have damaged the Titan past its halfway point, the creature’s attack will change. You’re going to see it starting to release area-of-effect attacks, along with waves that resonate out from its feet. You do not want to get hit by any of these attacks. The area-of-effect bursts has a burn, too, ensuring your shields and health remain as low as possible.

As long as you and your squad can endure these, you should find yourself with a dead Titan in no time.