Anthem Javelin Unlock Guide | How to get and change into Storm, Ranger, Colossus, and Interceptor

Image via Bioware

In Anthem, Javelins are your main tool to explore, fight, and advance throughout the game.

The large exosuits come fitted with a bunch of different abilities and weapons to use with four different classes offering something for every type of player.

While at the start of the game you are given a standard Javelin to get you through the tutorial, the amount of different types of Javelin available only becomes available to you as you progress and level up.

To help you upgrade your arsenal fast, as well as learn everything you need to know about these powerful suits, here is how to unlock and change your Javelin’s at will to get the most out of each mission.

How to unlock new Javelins

After reaching level 2 at the beginning of the game, you’ll get to pick your first Javelin Class. Choose wisely as you’ll be locked to this Class for a large portion of the game.

At level eight, 16,. and 26, you’ll be able to choose one more class of Javelin to take under your wing, giving you a bigger arsenal and the chance to play with each one, to see which style of fighting fits you best.

In short, level up your character to unlock new types of Javelin. Simple, right?

How to change your Javelin

To change your class of Javelin once you have unlocked them, just enter the Forge near the centre of town and you’ll be taken to your loadout screen.

Simply press Triangle/Y/R for PS4, Xbox One, and PC respectively and you’ll be taken to the Javelins page. Here, choose the new Javelin class you want to play and you’ll be kitted up and ready to go.

Just remember to equip it with all the abilities and customization options you need and to save loadouts when you are satisfied to save all this tinkering again and again.