How To Fix The Sound Bug In Anthem

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During the Anthem beta test, one of the most annoying bugs was the sudden loss of sound. Unfortunately, this has remained even in the complete game, and you can not understand why. Although the beta was used to solve numerous bugs, this seems to have not been corrected yet and managed to escape the corrections.

Losing the sound at random moments, therefore also very important, is very frustrating because Anthem revolves around ambient sounds and serves to best enjoy the game. It’s a shame that this bug is still present, but do not worry, we have an alternative solution until BioWare definitively corrects the bug.

How to fix the sound bug in Anthem?

You may have noticed that while Anthem becomes silent, other sounds on the PC can be heard. So it’s not a hardware problem, but this was pretty obvious. Wandering around the game’s audio options does not solve any problem. The only solution is to restart the game.

You will then need to go to the settings menu and press “Exit Anthem.” Here you will be shown on the Windows desktop, and then you can restart the game and finally have the audio.

BioWare has confirmed that it knows the sound cuts out issue exists and is planning a day one patch to help fix the problem. Anthem‘s lead producer, Michael Gamble, wrote the following on Twitter:

“We have improved audio performance and fixed a lot of bugs since the demo – unfortunately there are still instances of total audio dropout occurring which will require a restart. We have a significant fix for this issue that will be deployed in the day 1 patch. We are also working closely with Frostbite audio to address any possible remaining causes.

“The issue seems to occur most often in heavy four player firefights in certain conditions, but it’s very difficult to trap, and therefore reproduce to solve.”

This is all you need to know to fix the Anthem sound bug. Have fun and look forward to new corrections.