Anthem – Tyrant Mine Stronghold Guide

Tyrant Mine is the first Stronghold you will be able to do in Anthem. Your team of Freelancers has to travel deep into enemy territory to stop the Scar from producing deadly weapons. In this guide, we will run through essential things to consider when you are taking on this challenge.

Tyrant Mine Enemies

You fight two main types of enemies in Tyrant Mine. The Scar tends to have a lot of shielded enemies, so being able to make Electrical attacks is an excellent idea, as it will quickly burn through shields. The second enemy type is Scorpions; these giant bugs will try to swarm you with the strength of numbers. To take these guys out effectively, you want to run some area-of-effect attacks. Knowing you can put out focused Electrical and wider area-of-effect damage will make your run in this Stronghold much easier.

The First Relic

Tyrant Mine Turrets

After loading in and moving through the tunnels, you will come to a Relic. As usual, you will need to collect Echoes to silence this Relic. The first thing to do here is to take out any mines that are lining the path up the hill and take out the Turret. Turrets are tough enemies that do a lot of damage, and it will kill you if it catches you out in the open. Just focus it down early, as this will give you a lot more room to breath. Grab the Echoes at the bottom of the hill, and take out any Scars that spawn in. Be careful here, as they will spawn in behind you sometimes, and it is pretty easy to get wiped if you get caught between two different groups.

Once the bottom of the hill is clear, move up to the top and take out the next turret. More enemies will spawn in, and you can wipe them all out. Lots of these scars will have shields, so be sure to use your Electrical attacks to break their shields, then wipe them out. You need to kill every enemy before you can progress, so you might as well do this before grabbing the last Echoes. Once every Scar is dead, and you have collected all eight Echoes and returned them to the Relic at the bottom of the hill, you can move on to the next portion.

The Second Relic

The Second Relic

Follow the waypoint across the ravine, and take out any mines you feel will cause you problems. Once again, when you get the new area, focus on the turrets first. There will be four in total, with two of them on either side of the new area. Once these are gone, you can more easily gather up the eight Echoes that you can currently get too. There will be four more locked away in cages, but you can’t get to them yet. Once you have the eight Echoes collected, another wave of enemies will spawn, one of which will be a Gatekeeper. He will have an access key to the cages, that he will drop when you kill him.

Take out all the new enemies, kill the Gatekeeper, then collect the last four Echoes. Dropping them off at the Relic will end this section and spawn a chest filled with lovely loot.

The Shaper Relics

The Shaper Relics

Continue deeper into the mine, following the waypoint as you go. You will come to a large door that opens up into a deep chamber. Drop down to the bottom to find a platform with three Shaper Relics on it. The main chamber will have three tunnels breaking off from it. Down these tunnels, you will find two Relic Fragments. All six of the Fragments need to be collected, with two returned to each Relic.

At first, you will just be fighting bugs, but about halfway through more Scar will show up. The majority of these enemies can only be ignored, as you do not need to kill them all to start the next section. Once all six Fragments have been collected, the Shaper Relics will disappear, and you will need to stand on the platform to charge the signal and open the door.

The signal charges faster will all four members on the platform. Three people should deal with the ramp that leads up to it, as Scorpions will try and swarm you. The fourth person should take out the small orbs of electricity that appear on the platform. These will rapidly drain your team’s shields, and can quickly kill you all if they are allowed to build up in number. Once the signal is fully charged, a loot chest will spawn and then it is on to the final section.

The Swarm Tyrant

The Swarm Tyrant

Once again, follow the tunnels until you reach the final section, a fight with the massive Swarm Tyrant. You fight this huge bug in a chamber filled with Acid, so be careful where you are flying! The Swarm Tyrant has four yellowish areas on his sides, and shooting these will result in more damage, so make sure you concentrate on those areas. If you manage to burst one, the Swarm Tyrant will fall over, giving you the chance to get in free damage for a while.

Be very careful when you are facing the Swarm Tyrant, as it does a huge area-of-effect attack that will almost one shot you, tangle you up in a web, and cause you to overheat. It is straightforward to get taken down by the smaller bugs that will also be trying to attack you if this happens.

After doing enough damage to the Swarm Tyrant, it will scurry up the wall and disappear into a hole in the roof. Stay damaging it while it runs away, then look around the room. There will be four tunnels leading into it, and one of them will start swarming with Scorpions. Wipe them all out, but make sure you don’t spend too much time in the tunnel entryway. The Swarm Tyrant will come rushing back out, and he will instantly kill anyone he runs over.

Continue the cycle until the Swarm Tyrant is defeated! Loot will drop directly from the Swarm Tyrant, but you don’t need to pick it up, as it will automatically populate in your inventory.

Hints And Tips For Tyrant Mine

  • Have a good mix of Electrical and area-of-effect abilities to speed up your clear time.
  • Always focus turrets down before you try to move too deep into a new area.
  • If you get downed in the open, expect to wait a while before your squad can get to you.
  • Do your best to dodge enemy snipers; they will take a huge amount of your health if they hit you.
  • Having all four Freelancers on the platform will speed up the Shaper Relic portion of the Stronghold.
  • Don’t get caught out in front of the small cave entrances during the Swarm Tyrant fight! Getting downed here means nobody will be able to get you up until the big bug moves.