Anthem World Events and their Locations

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When you jump into Anthem’s open world Freeplay mode, you can encounter a random mission called a world event. This world event entices the player to stop what they’re doing and help out in the mission. Once they complete the brief encounter, they receive a treasure chest filled with powerful loot to later equip on their Javelin.

Every time you load into the Freeplay mode the locations of these world events change. They bounce in the nine major areas, sometimes reappearing in prominent places, but more often than not they’re going to show up somewhere new with a brand new mission for you to complete. We’ve crafted a guide to several locations that feature world events, along with the types of tasks you’re going to do.

World Event Locations

Academy Ruins

Anthem Academy Ruins World Events

These are the most notable locations for world events to pop up in the Academy Ruins portion. The first and third circles usually have combat missions, while the second leans more towards obtaining shaper artifacts. You may receive a mission notification in the third circle to venture inside of the ruins, but these spawns are rare.

Anthem East Gate

Anthem East Gate World Events

The East Gate location is smaller than the other areas in Anthem’s Freeplay mode. You can still have world events spawn here, though. They pop up right next to one another. I’ve only had both spawn during a single playthrough once, so it’s not unheard of to do two here. Because they’re so close to each other, don’t always count on it. Anthem likes to have the world events spawn all over the map.

Eastern Reach

Anthem Eastern Reach World Events

You’re going to find the Eastern Reach’s world events in its northern section. This area features a much larger area to roam around in, making it ideal for firefights and Javelin maneuvering. However, don’t be surprised if when you’re passing through the southern area into the Valley of Tarsis, you’ll have a world event pop up at the cave.

Emerald Abyss

Anthem Emerald Abyss World Events

To get to the Emerald Abyss section, you need to go through a rift connected to the Great Falls Canyon or take one from the Monument Watch. These rifts make the Emerald Abyss feel like an upper portion of the map, adding some depth to the standard flying around. Regardless, there are a handful of world events that pop up in this region. The second circle is full of ruins, making the encounters that spawned here a bit more tedious.

Fortress of Dawn

Anthem Fortress of Dawn World Events

While the Fortress of Dawn region may look open, you’ll realize it’s far more closed off once you get there. In the center of the area, there’s a large, abandoned palace taking up a majority of the space. A world event does pop up here, though. It’s the first circle. To the south of it, there’s a flat location with small hives scattered around, making the spawn for this location far more likely to involve Skorpions, which are always exciting.

Grand Falls Canyon

Anthem Grand Falls Canyon World Events

The Grand Falls Canyon region is the largest in Anthem’s Freeplay mode. It’s directly north of Fort Tarsis, making it the most accessible area to access. You’re going to have plenty to do here, and almost all of the possible world events that spawn throughout the game can take place here. The world events in this region can also feature a Titan, which can prove challenging and you may want to invite a partner to help you out.

High Road

Anthem High Road World Events

One of the smaller regions in Anthem, the High Road serves as a connecting point for the other areas. During my playthroughs, I only discovered one world event to pop up in the northwest part of this area, but wouldn’t be surprised to see one spawn in the center.

Monument Watch

Anthem Monument Watch World Events

The Monument Watch is another of Anthem’s smaller areas. However, my first time patrolling through this area a world event spawned where I was forced to deal with a Titan, in the second circle labeled on the map. It was a surprise and begged the question of how many regions can feature a devastating Titan.

Ruins of Shadowmark

Anthem Ruins of Shadowmark World Events

You’re going to find the Ruins of Shadowmark at the top of Anthem’s map. I never ran into too many world events in this area, though. Given the location’s size, there’s sure to be some that have less of a chance of spawning, compared to others. It’s also a little out of the way making it less traversed by players.

Valley of Tarsis

Anthem Valley of Tarsis World Events

Arguably, the Valley of Tarsis is the second largest region in Anthem. Several world events spawn in this region, and they vary as much as the Grand Falls Canyon area. If you’re looking to farm world events, sweeping through this area after the Grand Falls Canyon is a great option, plus they’re right next to each other. It makes it easier to enter, and then run to the east through the Eastern Reach, and hit the northern areas.

World Events

These are the various world events you can find in Anthem. These events may change through the game’s life cycle, and more may get added later on.

Rescue Corvus Agent

Here you’re required to save a Corvus agent who is under attack by some local Skorpions. You then learn they’ve been on the run from Dominion, Outlaws or Scar forces, and have to protect them from those foes.

Find Corvus Agent

A Corvus agent had been collecting intel nearby, but they died to enemy forces. You have to recover the link in the agent’s Javelin to learn where they hid the data, and then fight a boss who collects the final piece of the intel.

Strider Distress

A nearby strider has been attacked and is sending out a distress signal. When you answer the call, you have to repair the mechanical beast, while also fighting off the forces that disabled it. You have the possibility of having a Titan spawn on this mission.

Enemy Encampment

Owen can learn of a small group of enemy forces, be it Dominion or Scar, building a forward camp. Your job is to destroy the camp’s defenses along with their supplies.

Shaper Artifacts

A shaper object has gone off, and the pieces have gone everywhere. Your job is to collect all of the pieces. However, the shaper artifact also created a spawn of wildlife you have to defeat while you collect the pieces.

Dominion Titan

Dominion forces are attempting to unleash a Titan. You have the chance to destroy the equipment nearby before it gets released. If you don’t, the Titan gets out, and you have to deal with it.

Sentinel Support

A group of Sentinels got ambushed by enemy forces were ambushed and they you need to revive them. Once they’re up, defend them from the waves of enemies and then assist the Sentinels with the mission they were sent there to complete.

Skorpion Infestation

You stumble across a Skorpion hive and have to deal with all of the little critters running around, reducing their population to help make the region safer.

Random Titan

One of the rarer world events is having a random Titan wandering around the map for you to deal with. They generally spawn in the Emerald Abyss and the Valley of Tarsis region, but they seem to appear anywhere.