AO Adventure Codes (September 2023)

Unlock free AO coins and exclusive rewards in AO Adventure on Roblox with our updated list of working codes. Learn how to redeem codes and where to find new ones on official platforms.

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One of the games on the Roblox site that’s making waves is the AO Adventure Cross Court Challenge. The game tasks players with playing open tennis with friends and AI while completing challenges and earning rewards. Also, there are many ways to earn cool rewards outside the game that reward you with in-game currency. Roblox is a longtime staple in the gaming community, and the amount of content it has for gamers isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The codes for AO Adventure are mainly used for getting free AO coins. The coins can be used to purchase cool stuff, such as tennis gear and other cosmetics. You’ll need to collect a bunch to get some of the nicer items from the shop, so try not to spend them all at once.

All AO Adventure Codes (Working)

Here are the working codes:

AO Adventure CodesRewards
TENNISFree AO Coins (100)
SETFree AO Coins (500)
BACKHANDFree AO Coins (500)
SERVEFree AO Coins (500)
MATCHFree AO Coins
GAMEFree AO Coins (500)
All of these codes are case sensitive

All AO Adventure Codes (Expired)

These AO Adventure codes are older than the ones above, so they may not work. It’s worth it to try them out anyway.

AO Adventure CodesRewards
These codes are older and may not work

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How To Redeem Codes in AO Adventure

Screenshot by Gamepur

To redeem any AO Adventure codes:

  • First, Log in to the game
  • Click the coupon button on the far side of the game screen.
  • Enter your code in the corresponding box!

How Can You Get More Codes for AO Adventure

There are multiple ways to get codes for AO Adventure, starting with the official Twitter, Discord, and website. Just make sure you have an account for each platform, log in, and wait for the team to release more codes! Another way is to check back every so often, as we do update codes here regularly.

Why Are AO Adventure Codes Not Working?

There can be several reasons why AO Adventure codes are not working. For example, misspelled words, wrong cap usage, or an extra blank space that shouldn’t be there can cause the code to throw an error. Copying the code from above and pasting it directly into the in-game redeem text box is usually the best and easiest way to avoid these mistakes. Also, codes can expire, so you may have tried redeeming an expired code. They are also often one-use only, and you might be trying to enter a code you have already redeemed.

Other Ways To Get More Rewards In-game in AO Adventure

You can get more rewards in-game by completing the tutorial and subsequent challenges, which may require you to play with others. They are relatively easy once you get an understanding of the mechanics of the gameplay. Some of the easier ones need you to speak to certain NPCs.

What is AO Adventure?

AO Adventure is a tennis-based video game world inside the Roblox universe. In many games on the platform, players can take their own custom characters and complete challenges either against AI or alongside other players online. The game requires an internet connection to play and is accessible on PC and mobile. Once the launcher is downloaded, players can access many more games besides AO Adventure.